Delhi SHG meeting Report

Wowww !!!
We had a awesome day:)

We learned to push our limits with hope.Agenda of this meet.-Set the Scheme of Communication work shop. Members attended meeting are- Jai prakash sunda sir, lalit sir ,harshveer sir,parmendra sir, jitendra,abhishake ,sanchit,and me(ajit). We gathered at CENTRAL SCETERIAT  park as usually at 10am.Initially we had introduction round where all members introduced in a humorous way with why you join Tisa’s self help group and what the changes you noticed in day to day life. As usually delhi Shg is awesome and rocking, our members said its a great platform to increase public speaking skills, and how to improve social behaviour with others people. I was the first one to jump into the process and startup the activity with Jp sir. This meeting was organised for to give out in shares of Delhi Shg’s 2 days communcation work shop which is held on 14 & 15 july at indian institute. after we had worked out all the details we set the scheme on foot, like management of whole workshop, accommodation  for guest,lunch and all the activities,list of participating members etc. mean while jp sir shared some valauble advise and some amusing incident ,which was so interesting for us. after wind up this meet lalit sir gave their Birth day treat to all Delhi Shg rockers. we passed pleasent hour in huge talk with JP sunda sir. it was my memorable day with Jp Sir ,Parmendra sir ,lalit sir,and two star of our delhi shg’s Jitendra and Abhishake. 
thanks a ton Guys for your support and time for to be assured of this event.
Guys all the best for communication workshop hope you’ll rock again….:) .

Once again thanks a ton to lalit Sir and jp sir…samajh to gaye hoge aap log 😉

Thanks and regards.
Ajit Chaurasiya.


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  1. sikander 7 years ago

    Dear Ajit,

    Well done Ajit, your report is excellent. Great job!

    With regards

  2. admin 7 years ago

    g8t ajit , u described event very well , tisa got new writer , meet u in delhi workshop .

  3. Sachin 7 years ago

    Keep meeting, keep talking..


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