New at Hyderabad SHG Meetup on July 22

Today’s meeting helped us to know “How our whole body works effectively with feedback process”

We have 4 people who attended the meeting.
 1)Naman 2)Santhosh 3)Rajesh 4)Srinivas.(he is not in the pic)

Activity-1)Discussing what is Stammering and its possible causes. How sound is produced from Human body.
It is an active discussion where people have told possible reasons and we shared and analyzed how far they are reasons for stammering.
The main cause we could see is because of improper breathing process and not concentrating on the sound which you produce.Every part in our body works with feedback process.

If we want to walk, Brain gives a signal to your left foot shall forward a foot and by doing so left foot feels the hardness on ground and this feedback from your left foot is sent to brain and then with balancing whole weight on left foot our brain sends a signal to nerves to take right foot forward..
Without feedback we can’t walk, without feedback we can’t do any work from body.
That is why some people can’t walk properly when they get torpor completely in legs.
So listen to the sound of yours through ears, analyze it, feel it, enjoy it and then progress in talk. This even helps you slow down in your speech. Many people wonder how can i slow down? some say i am going faster in talking and unable to control fastness..Best answer is try to analyse/feel your sound after hearing your sound, enjoy it..Since all these will take time so ultimately you will slow down 🙂
No matter if you stammer in this course of time just take enough breath again and start speaking and enjoy the sound.
Usually your ears will give feedback to brain every time but if you give more concentration and analyze/feel it, it will be more effective.

Activity-2:Meditation for few minutes for framing a framework of the whole process which we discussed above.
Everyone have closed eyes and meditated and formed a framework to talk only with having sufficient amount of air in lungs and hearing to our sounds which we would produce.

Activity-3:Introduction of Members
All kept the framework in mind and started telling their intro. Everyone have given great intro with no blocks at all, as we had enough air.

Activity-4:Loud speaking activity
We all 4 stood in a line almost 10meters apart from each other.
Extreme end people will communicate each other by asking some question and answers.
Later these two extreme end people will be replaced by other members in line,so now last but one and 2nd member will go to extreme ends. As we are too much apart we have to shout loudly for communicating each other. We shouted like hell. Super exciting it was.
When we hear our sound it gives a sense of confidence..We did this almost 45 minutes. We were talking so much loud that we can hear the confidence in us. Even here we had followed the framework of having sufficient air in lungs and then start producing sounds and getting feedback.

Activity-5:Slow Reading
We all read a page form a news paper slowly and loudly.

With this we greeted for the coming weekdays and said bye to each other.
Yet another Awesome weekend with all.

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards,
Rajesh V
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