Delhi SHG Report

Hello friends this is ashish kumar, for the first time i am writing blog for Tisa. Like always delhi shg meeting was fantastic, name of the persons attended meeting are sikandar sir, anshul sir, jitender, abhishek, saurav, amit , amit,prabhat, jagdish, ravi. Meeting start with introduction round then all shared their experiences with last tisa workshop then we started story building activity where we created a scene of cricket match and then played a very interesting activity of presentation in which every person is required to give presentation on a topic decided by audience. Lastly at the end of the meeting we explored the ways through which we can add more PWS with us like distributing of visiting cards, use of facebook and emails, use of tisa batches on t-shirts etc. The meeting ends on 2pm , another very important lesson taught by sikandar sir that we should take care of certain things such as don’t use substitute words , don’t avoid situations. with these lines i am writing off my blog. 


written by: Aashish Kumar


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Good job Ashish!
    Life can be fun if you are walking with some other like minded people..
    That is what TISA is..
    Keep meeting and keep sharing..

  2. sikander 7 years ago

    Great posting Aashish. I deeply appreciate you for taking initiative of writing the post.


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