SHG meeting which we had on August 15@Hyderabad

On August 15th we had a small SHG meeting in Hyderabad 🙂
Jasbir Singh ji has visited Hyderabad for office work.
Raja Poladi ji and myself went to the hotel where Jasbir ji has checked in.
We had a great time there !!!

We discussed about the progress of Hyderabad SHG members and its meetings.
Topics which we discussed on table are about Coorg NC, practices which we do daily, probable stammering causes, personal experiences with stammering and our experiments with stammering all these days.We also discussed what has helped us in our journey all these days.
Core things which has helped are Daily meditation, Vipasana, Breathing exercise and joining Toastmasters club for public speaking.

Jasbir ji is going to come up with a documentary of his stammering life very soon which shall help people to know which decisions to take and which practices can help people in dealing with stammering.

I got recharged by our meeting, both of them are inspirational to me and learned a lot from their experiences which they have discussed in our meeting.
Great time we spent 🙂 Below pic(Rajesh, Mr.Raja Poladi and Mr.Jasbir Singh) which we had in hotel Lemon Tree.


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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Aha! Connections are being made.. Good!
    Let the ripples move out ever and ever..

  2. admin 8 years ago

    Thanks Rajesh for the nice post. I believe learning is a gradual process and we always learn more by interacting with each others.Thats why I always try to find friends to meet whenever I visit places. Interacting with Rajesh and Poladi was great and I learnt a lot from them.
    Thanks Rajesh and Poladi for sparing your time and showing your interest to meet me.
    Looking forward for your ideas for the documentry.
    By the way I am planning to visit Udaipur in first week of Sept. If anyone is aware about any PWS there, kindly let me know, so that we can meet during my proposed visit.
    jasbir sandhu,
    99150 06377

  3. admin 8 years ago

    @Sachin ji–Ripples are touching many people's life and spreading smiles and the source of these ripples is TISA's Intention of "Better attitudes through knowledge!" Thank you for the great Initiation of TISA 🙂

    @Jasbir ji–Thanks for the great evening which we had. I learned few things from both of you in our meeting which helps me in my Life's endeavors for sure.



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