Chandigarh Meeting Report- 12th August

We all PWS’s met at Sector 33 park, chandigarh on the evening of 12th August. The SHG meet was really refreshing and mind calming.
We all shared our experiences there with a positive note. There were PWS’s also from a local speech
therapy institute who really liked to be a volunteer of TISA and spread the awareness among other PWS’s and
common people. I really enjoyed the meet. We had discussion over our past experiences and methods to resolve our problems. JP sir explained all the theory behind and techniques to overcome them. Then Jasbir sir started the phase of relaxation therapies/exercises like deep breathing, meditation, loud reading, voluntary stuttering session with strangers, etc. We really found these helpful as they strike the root cause. After that we had a tea at a nearby shop and talked alot with each other. We missed anupinder sir a lot.
Ishan and Sumit were very nice to me. Looking foreward to meet everybody again soon. 🙂

-Sukhpreet Singh

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  1. Sachin 8 years ago

    Aha- our numbers are going up..
    We can apply to Election Commission soon to give us an electoral symbol soon.. Wonder what should it be?
    (Just a joke, guys)
    Thanks Sukhjeet for sharing the post!


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