News @ Hyderabad SHG MeetUp on August 19th

Wow 🙂 Wow 🙂 Wow 🙂 What a meeting it is !!! We got recharged to our fullest. I bet everyone who have attended today’s meeting have shown at least 1% improvement in their speech patterns before leaving to their homes. Meeting started at 9:45AM and lasted till 4:40PM. Final products are Smiles with Happiest Moments !!! People who have missed today’s meeting have missed a beautiful practice session 🙂

We were 8 people for the meeting. We had 3 new people added in our group.Below are the people who have attended the meeting(from left to right)

1.Anish 2.RajSekhar 3.Mahipal 4.Hemanth 5.Sanjeev 6.Narendra Yadav 7.Rajesh 8.Naman Anand.
Since we have 3 new members for the meeting we have started with What is stammering, What could be probable reasons for stammering. This round is necessary for new members to remove misconceptions related to stammering. It lasted for 2 hours with very in-depth interactive discussion with all members.

We had an opportunity to discuss how feedback system works in our body, How sound is produced in Human body,  How breath is important in producing sound, How slowness in speech helps, How anticipatory fear makes stammering to an annoying, How to decrease anticipatory fear.How SHG meetings help to overcome fear of talking.

Introduction round in which all people have given their introduction very confidently and maintaining sufficient amount of air in their lungs.

Anxiety control round where every member asks a question to a member and he shall answer it after 10-15 sec. This activity helps in easing out from being rushing faster. Members take their own time for answering , so easiness will be there in speech. No tension to finish the answer in a fast manner.

Prepared speeches, every member has spoken on a topic of their interest for atleast 3 minutes. We maintained slow speaking process along with taking feedback from ears of what we speak..


Loud speaking/Shouting. This is a real fun activity. We shouted in park like hell for two and half hours.
We also shouted that we are stammerers and we are having a SHG meeting here and told to people in park that if you find any stammerers let us know and i told my name and point of contact. We got a person in park who have said he would tell his friend about SHG meetings.
We enjoyed a lot. Other members in park also clapped when we performed this activity with brilliant energy in our voice. We got lot of confidence by shouting loud. I saw few Lions Roaring in our park 🙂
Breathing exercises, We learned Anulom-Vilom and kapalabhati.
Doubts clarification activity, it was an interactive activity where every person has helped every other member in their doubts and was given confidence and suggestions to their problems.
The real meaning of Self HelpGroup was seen in our meeting today and i felt satisfied with our goal of being in SHG.
Great to see the meetings going with full energy. Saw huge improvement in Speech Patterns of all members.
Voluntary Stuttering, i have shown how to do voluntary stuttering in a phone as well as live to our new members. I have talked to a customer care and later with security guard in voluntary stuttering style.  Immediately Narendra and Hemanth went to GVK shopping mall to practice Voluntary. Stuttering for asking tickets in Inox theater 🙂 So nice to see new members started their experiment with Voluntary Stuttering with strangers after knowing it few minutes back.

Naman has brought his DSLR and we have taken cool pics around the park. It rained in park and we resorted to a shelter which is surrounded by pond and the view is awesome, some experiences can only be enjoyed only being live in those instants. Awesome day.What a recharge we got from today’s SHG meeting !!!
Below is a pic when we did Loud Shouting activity in park

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed 🙂

With Regards.
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007
email ids: rajesh.jaca”at” and wanted2talk2u”at”

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    I have one serious disagreement though about that 1% improvement bit..
    I am sure it was much much more than that!
    Keep meeting and keep sharing..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    @Sachin ji –You are right it is more than 1% improvement but to be more modest i kept that "at least 1%" :

    The path which TISA shows for stammering world is great and it is the best thing to resort and surrender your practice time.Thanks for great initiation.

    Thanks and Regards.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Well done everyone. You guys seem to be having the longest meetings. I don't see any mentioning of lunch 😉

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @JP bro— We always miss lunch as we feel it is going to disturb the meeting hours which are very valuable hrs of the Sunday.
    We really don't feel hungry when SHG meetings are going. Immediately after meeting we run to have something though 🙂


  5. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Shouting in park is not easy but you seem to do it with so much confidence and enthusiam. Indeed a wow meeting!

  6. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Shouting in park is not easy but you seem to do it with so much confidence and enthusiam. Indeed a wow meeting!

  7. Neeraj Prabhakar 7 years ago

    Wow what a great meet it was. I missed it again! Finally I am done with my new flat customary responsibilites and waiting eagerly for the next meet. Rajesh Bro you Rock!

  8. admin 7 years ago

    @Dinesh bro–Thanks so much 🙂 It was wow meeting 🙂


    @Neeraj bro–You missed so much fun:)
    Congrats on your new flat purchase 🙂



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