News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup on 2nd Sep

We were 5 people for the SHG meeting. It was an excellent meeting where we had very great interactive style of communications among members.
The members who attended meeting are 1)Srinivas 2)Anand(from Banglore SHG) 3)Siva Kumar 4)Santhosh & 5)Rajesh. (Sorry guys our group pic got formatted with my phone memory)
We had a surprise guest Mr.Anand from Banglore SHG.

Activity-1: Many members in the group are thinking to pursue MBA by cracking CAT exam and fortunately Mr.Anand has graduated from IIM AMD so members asked many questions how to crack CAT and how he had managed to get a seat in the IIM AMD. Every member followed very very slow style of speaking while asking questions.

Activity-2: Meditation with concentrating on a thought that we shall talk very slowly in the meeting !!

Activity-3: Introduction round using very slow style of speaking. Oh God we never spoke that slow and we really increased our efficiency in slow speaking skills. It is awesome to see all doing good.

Activity-4: We discussed the importance of Slow Speaking and controlling of anxiety levels. We once again discussed this as more and more we discuss the necessity of slow speaking there comes the invention of( implementing part ) slow speaking style will be easy as we know “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” 🙂

Activity-5: We practiced syllable by syllable style of speaking. Usually many PWS find it very difficult to go slow in their speech patterns, for them the greatest tip is talk syllable by syllable and then automatically speech slows down. In this pattern we already have defined rules which can guide us when to produce the sounds and when to pause. On the other hand if we are asked to talk slowly then we may end up talking faster in few seconds/minutes but this syllable by syllable style will surely help.

Activity-6:We discussed the importance of practice and how important it is in building up self confidence.
With dedicated and sincere practice you get incremental confidence.The habit of being self-confident in member increases slowly and that habit will become a characteristic of the member when we extend that habit to a new step by rigorous practice. Remember habit can be increased/decreased so we shall extend that habit by rigorous practice !!!

Activity-7: We all discussed about Coorg NC and how Rocking it is going to be.

Activity-8We discussed breathing exercises for a while and discussed how proper breathing patterns will help in producing efficient sounds from our body.

We signed off for the day with great thoughts of practicing on speech patterns and that too on daily basis !!

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
With Regards,
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007
email ids: rajesh.jaca”at” and wanted2talk2u”at”


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  1. Sugandh 7 years ago

    Keep up the great work guys. – Sugandh Rakha

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Rajesh- So nice of you to share a well documented report.. I am very happy that this group is taking up some good techniques for practice.. Because we never know what may really work for us. Hence exploration is an important part of self-help..
    Carry on the good work and also, DEVELOP a second line of support..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Sugandh Bro—Thank you so much. We missed you in the meeting.


    @Sachin ji—Thank you so much.
    We have Sugandh and Anand as our second line of support but recently Anand left to Noida for a job.I started making everyone as a support person so that they can know many things by supporting an SHG.



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