Communication workshop Herbertpur day 4

On fourth Day of our workshop we play a natak(Play) about 3 beggars
 in OPD hall, in this play we try to use
techniques we learn in earlier days  like
eye contact, pullouts, etc… play is very interesting and inspirational.

After that Kamal sir show us Pics of his Ladakh road trip
which are very inspirational,  around 11
AM Tisa’s  Coordinator Jai Prakash
(JP) from Chandigarh joins us. After that  JP sir shares there life experience during college,
job, after joining TISA, then we discuss our future plans, after that JP sir
distribute TISA’s Batches, then we go for snacks and coffee and chat for long  time in restaurant . after that its time for regular
SHG in herbertpur with some local members. We go to Anugrah and where parmanad,
surinder pal, mukkarram, sushil joins us.  play a lot of memory games in which we have to
remember friend’s name, favorite color, favorite movie of all members . And activities
to minimize our hurry (jaldbazzi). Then we discuss our experiences, give
suggest for betterment of workshops. Then kunwar puneet, hemant kumar, JP sir,
anupinder leave venue for their home.  Some
members are staying for fifth day also. Its not possible to share great experience,
we have in Communication  workshop at
herbertpur  in words.

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Anupinder! We all had lot of fun that day..Put up some pictures if you can..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Very nice Pics!!!

  3. Anonymous 7 years ago

    very encouraging. Hope the Coorg meeting is even better experience

  4. admin 7 years ago

    in this workshop, Sachin sir shown us so many video clips. Out of them 2 video clips cleared my so many doubts – i.e.
    why one should attend SHG meetings ??
    What benefit, PWS will get by attending such meeting or workshop??
    As per TISA theory, no permanent cure of stammering then what use of attending SHG meetings ?

    My all above doubts cleared by 2 vedio
    in this vedio, one can compare the improvement in stammering one year ago and after one year of a PWS
    in this vedio, one can compare the improvement in stammering of 2 PWS, one joined shg 9 months ago & another Joined recently


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