Bangalore SHG Meetup September 16, 2012 report

Hello all,
Here is report of  another awesome Bangalore SHG meetup.
 Hema, Upasana, Sairam, Anshuman, Kishan, Rohit, Ravinder, Nishil, Praveen, Dinesh kadam, Dinesh  and myself Abhinav
     We started with introduction round.  Today everyone had to speak about his partner so we formed a pair and started discussing our life with our partners  for 10 minutes :). 

      After introduction Dboy aka Dinesh discussed power of knowledge.As a PWS we only think of our stammering all the time.We do not care for other aspects of life.He gave awesome example to describe his views —- 

     Like as a PWS we cant speak fluently, but

(a) Did we ever try to write better than others?
(b) Did we ever try to be perfect in other aspects of life?
(c) Did we ever try to study hard and get good marks in theory if we cant good marks in practical due to speaking problems.

    And answer to all these question is big no for most of the PWS. He explained that he devoted lot of time in increasing his knowledge, participating in activities like Landmark, Toastmaster club, leading SHG Bangalore and all these things helped him in controlling his problem. Speaking is not about just fluency, its more than fluency, it reflects our entire thought process. We can communicate effectively even with stammering if we have proper knowledge of subject and confidence to deliver.

    I did not
see Dinesh stammering even on a single world in last 8 months. He is an
example that by dedication and hard work we can
control our speaking problem. All young PWS can learn a lot from him
in coming Coorg event. Looking forward for Coorg event. 🙂
 Kudos to JP for coming on air 🙂 See you bro in Coorg.
Note- Dinesh did not buy lunch to me for writing all this :). He is always confident and full of energy while speaking and he always inspires us to work hard as there is no alternative to hard work.



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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Superbly written Abhinav….
    and yes Dinesh is undoubtedly a role model for many PWS including me…we Bangalor shg are really so glad to get Dinesh as our Co-ordinator… :):)

  2. admin 7 years ago

    You all folks Rock in every Meetup.
    Dinesh bro your points in the speech are awesome.
    Abhinav bro the way you narrate about SHG meetings inspires the reader as you write with passion. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Ramesh 7 years ago

    Sometime, I have doubt that Dinesh sir is normal person, never had stammering 😛
    I met many people in my life who stutter, and still stutter.
    And I thought stammering is totally incurable but after met Dinesh sir, I have full of confidence that stammering is 100% curable, can be cure with hard work and dedication and willpower.
    And I learnt, doing practices in a close room is not enough until we follow that practices outside.
    unfortunately, I attended only one meeting in TISA but I learned so many things there.
    Thank you all 🙂

  4. admin 7 years ago

    very very good writeup Abhinav…

    Dinesh sir is right,we all make our stammering very big issue and lost all other things we can achieve.. so dn't feel down bcos of stammering show all so called fluent people that we are not less in any field…stammer rocks..other shocks…:)

    regards from patiala


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