News @ Hyd SHG Meetup on Sep 16th

Wow Wow Wow 🙂 Weekend SHG meeting was awesome.

We had prepared speeches by all 7 members and all delivered them in an confident way.
The members who attended the meeting w.r.t below pic are 
1.Hemanth 2.Mahipal 3.Vallinayagam(NEW) 4.Prasanth 5.Siva Kumar 6.Anish 7.Rajesh.
Activity-1: We all had an interactive session with new member Mr.Valli. We discussed about Stammering and its probable causes, Importance of feedback system in human body and Importance of Air in producing sound.
Activity-2: We did Meditation for sometime to prepare our minds to concentrate on talking slowly. Meditating in such a place gives instant refresh and boost to our mind.
Activity-3: We practiced syllable by syllable style of talking for sometime. We also followed one word at a time style in middle of conversation.
Activity-4: We had anxiety control round where we take our own time to answer the questions asked by members.
Activity-5: Prepared speeches 🙂 This round is awesome. Everyone have delivered great speeches.
1.Mahipal – Qualties of getting a job
2.Hemanth – Latest smart phones.
3.Valli – Preparing for interviews.
4.Prashanth – College days.
5.Siva Kumar – Goal setting and implementation 
6.Anish – Positive thinking
7.Rajesh – Skype calls and its influence on my life.
Activity-6: Loud speaking activity, we all stood in a line of 4 meters apart from each other and then the two extreme members started communicating each other.After sometime these will interchange with other members and cycle continues. Loud speaking/shouting opens up our strength and makes us realize our potential 🙂
With this we signed off for the day. Next meeting also we will have prepared speeches from all members.
All are rocking and we have observed great changes in speech patterns of members.
Self Help Group rocks !!!
Together We Step Up and Together We Succeed.
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007.
rajesh”DOT”jaca”AT” / wanted2talk2u”AT”

Park has variety of flowers 🙂

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker