Nasik, Maharashtra starts TISA SHG!!

Invitation for Nashik TISA Meeting
Hello, Myself Sachin from Nashik. I have been Stammerer since 11 year
old. I tried a lot to overcome this problem. for that i went to
doctor, speech therapist,pschyocologist and many more. I took many
ayurvedik medicine. but unfortunatly all those efforts were fruitless
for me.
Finally i started to search on internet if there is any stammering
group and people whom i will tell my problem and share my
feelings,fortunatly I got such Group that is TISA, after reading all
blogs on TISA I decided to visit TISA. that time I was in Mumbai. so
before visiting the mumbai TISA, I called to one of Mumbai TISA
member, he suggested me how to reach  TISA. and finally I met Mumbai
TISA on Sunday, march.  there were  eight member present in TISA.
everyone introduced himself, I too introduced myself, after that
everyone talk about his past stammering experience. we  performed
there some activities like book reading slow speaking and public
speaking, these activities helped us to overcome fear of speaking in
public. all seemed happy and free after the end of meeting.
after that we all started to take such meeting every sunday. currently
such TISA group are active in Mumbai,Bangalore,Goa, Delhi and in many
       Right Now I am in Nashik and wish to establish such Group in Nashik Too.
 Tisa Group is ray of hope and beneficial for the person who has a
stammering problem.
How Tisa is beneficial for the stammerer(person having stammering
problem.)? and benefits of joing this meeting are as follows
1] In Tisa Meeting you will meet other persons who has same stammering
problem as you have.
2] you will share your past stammering experience with them and you
would be explained how to overcome stammering problem.
3] You will feel free and happy after meeting this group.  you will be
given chance to talk freely on your problems and will be provided help
for that
4] different Activities will be performed in meeting. like book
reading, slow speaking and public speaking this activities will help u
to overcome your fear of speaking in public.
               so hurry up and be ready to join this meeting for
joining this meeting you can contact me on following number
Mob No. 7709583602
You can drop me mail too
Mail ID:-

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Post Author: Sachin

2 thoughts on “Nasik, Maharashtra starts TISA SHG!!


    (September 25, 2012 - 5:56 pm)

    It was great talking to you today and thanks for your very prompt reply sharing your story…As I promised, I have sent you the author invitation..Now try to write at least one post every week with your phone number, email and city at the end…If you can do it regularly, you will find someone from Nasik very soon…Also post the links to your posts on stuttering community on FB like TISA group, stuttering arena etc…

    Sachin Ingle

    (September 26, 2012 - 5:43 am)

    sure sir,there would be atleast one post a week from mine on TISA Blog,very soon there will be Nashik TISA group.
    thanks a lot for giving me authorization to write on Tisa Blog

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