Dawn of September 28, 2012

  And miles to go before I sleep
Its going to be dawn of September 28, 2012 in few hours.Time is Sharp 2 AM. And time has come for our nation get together. I am listening to this song from last 2 hours

                     ” सुबह  की  किरणों  को  रोकें  जो  सलाखें  है  कहाँ

                      जो ख्यालों  पे  पहरे  डाले  वो   आँखें  है  कहाँ 
                      पर  खुलने  की  देरी  है  परिंदे  उढ  के  झूमेंगे 

                      आसमान  आसमान  आसमान “

And yeah I have not slept yet and I am not planning to sleep also. I am too excited to meet every one and making Coorg event a huge success.

I will go to office in morning (I am really a workaholic ) and will come back at 12:15PM and then will pack my luggage, most probably all stuffs in just one laptop bag.

Today I personally called every one in my group and made sure that my group members will not have any difficulty for the trip.I am seeing lots of people around me who really care for us.

Most of the members of Bangalore SHG are giving their best from last few months to make everything smooth for every participant.
I am retrospecting last 6 months from the day I joined Bangalore SHG. I have never seen that much energy and confidence in myself.I have changed a lot after joining SHG.I have gained a lot of confidence, confidence to do many things in life, confidence to live a better life, confidence to do things for society, confidence to volunteer, confidence to be a good human.

 I never tried to deeply understand the concept of ‘Acceptance’ but if all these changes in me are called ‘Acceptance’ then I will let these changes in me for forever :).
I talked to “The Hindu” Bangalore city editor today. He told me that its not possible for him to send his reporter to Coorg but he promised me to send his reporter to meet our SHG members after returning from Coorg and discuss about things happened in Coorg and publish in paper. He has asked me to give him a call on first week of October between 3-4 PM.He asked me few questions about TISA and cities where SHG are actives. And I am doing all these things because of confidence I gained in last 6 months. I will make sure to get our “national get together” published in news paper.
In my deep I feel so much energy to achieve everything I wished for in my life. I am sure these three days are going to be one the best days in my life. I am hungry to learn lot of things from our members’ life expereinces. We will be missing Sachin sir for sure.

See you guys today at 10PM.
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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker