A star has risen in Nasik!

I got stammer, when I was 11 year old. As earlier I did not know why this is happening with me, and
I just would talk as I could, I kept this issue many times in front of my parents, they would simply tell me
nothing is wrong with you and would advise me to speak slowly. But this could not solve my problem.

I kept talking as I could. But after two year when I was in 8th standard, this problem started me suffering
more. I was always to be first in my class. It was very easy for me to face written exam. But when
it turned to oral exam, I got scared, keeping in mind that whether it will be possible for me to talk
properly or not. Even today, I remember those days when teacher make me stand and ask the answer
of question. I would take 10 to 15 minutes to tell the answer of 4 to 5 sentence. Other student would
answer the same question in only 2 to 3 minutes. In school I was always teased by my friends because I
stammered. I had very less friends. So I would concentrate my most time on study. But only study was
boring for me, I felt many times that, I should be able to talk as other boys should….

To overcome the stammering problem, I tried a lot I went to Doctor, speech therapist, hypnotist and
many more; I also took many Ayurveda medicines. But all it were fruitless for me. My present and
future days all were too boring, I could not understand what to do, whom to tell about my problem.
When I passed B.Sc.(math’s), I wanted to do M.B.A. but I had heard that M.B.A. students has to give
presentation at least once a weak. Due to stammering to go for presentation was very difficult and
almost impossible for me. So I decided not to do M.B.A. but at the same time few friends suggested me
to do M.C.A. and with this also told me that in M.C.A. I will not have to face presentation. Keeping this
point in mind, I decided to take admission in M.C.A. when I entered first year of M.C.A. everything was
better as earlier. But one month later, a madam came to class and started us teaching one subject

After finishing lecture madam asked the entire class that, is there anybody who is interested in giving
presentation? But nobody showed interest on giving presentation. Due to this madam got angered.

And madam made compulsory for all students to prepare for presentation. This decision was less fearful
for some student but not for me. I got anxieties and scared after hearing this decision. As my experience
for pws it is very difficult to face a presentation. There was no option on presentation and nobody was
going to made me free from presentation. So finally I decided to prepare for presentation for three day.
With this I practiced of talking in close room daily for three day. Finally that day came on which I had
to be ready for giving presentation. Before entering into class room I was scared, but soon after, I built
confidence and decided not to scare, finally With confidence I could give presentation very nice. Madam
was very happy with my presentation. This way I kept giving one presentation per semester. Though
this was nice experience for me, But friends you know what is stammering? If pws says one sentence
properly first time, it is not sure that next time the same sentence will be said by him properly. All we
know? stammering becomes worse when we are in depression. When we are relax we can speak very
clearly whatever we have to speak but, same words could not be spoken by us clearly when we are in
depression, in fact, whenever we want to be fluent we don’t be fluent. So overall I was not happy with
my life. In collage life too I had very less friends. In collage I used to speak with only one or two person.
It was very difficult for me to speak in group of guys. When it turns to viva I would get into depression.

Somehow I completed my Post-Graduation. And Went to Mumbai to look for job, I spent most of my
time on internet to search a job then I noticed, there might be stammering group on internet, keeping
this in mind I started looking for such group, and finally I got Tisa Website, I visited whole website and
also read about different Tisa group in India. After that first of all I visited Mumbai Tisa. There were eight
members present on first meeting. First we introduced ourselves and then shared our feeling about
stammering. First time in my life I felt very nice after meeting eight pws, whom I had been waiting since
many years, those I met first time. I came to know from them how to lives life. After that I visited two
to three Mumbai Tisa meeting, after meeting TISA friends my attitudes towards stammering has been
totally changed. My fear of speaking and depression everything got automatically run away. But after
two month I had to leave Mumbai because I got job in nashik so I have been in nashik since 6 month,
and want to start TISA in Nashik too.

Sachin Ingle,

Contact No: 7709583602.

E-mail ID: inglesachin123@rediffmail.com.

Gangapur Road, Nashik

Thanks TISA and Team.

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Post Author: Sachin

3 thoughts on “A star has risen in Nasik!


    (October 1, 2012 - 4:19 pm)

    Wonderful Sachin! If you can talk about these emotions and memories, you will be SET FREE of their clutches and you will certainly struggle less, when you speak. Keep writing, keep sharing and keep helping others..your recovery will happen spontaneously in return..


    (October 4, 2012 - 10:53 am)

    Thanks Sachin for sharing your story. I am sure you will be able to find someone in your city very soon..also try to write to your local newspapers about stammering and SHG

    Bhagwat Musale

    (May 29, 2013 - 8:58 am)

    THANJ you sachin. u have shared ur exoeruence openly.
    i am 28 yrs guy and same thing happened in my life. afrer bca i tried for mba and scared for stammerinf. i didn't mca also as u seen many siftware jobs whos requirement was fluent in english. i quit my education and started job. still am struggling to cure my stammering and scare. i felt very happy by ur article
    all the best for ur happy life.
    bhagwar musale

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