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As our own get together in Coorg (Karanataka) is unfloding, online conference to commemorate International Stuttering Awareness Day has also begun. Belive me, this is a very valuable resource. You can learn a lot and practice it, to help yourself- which is TISA motto: self-help.
Here is one good article about scam on web. Question everything you red on the web, especially if it claims cure in 15 days etc. What are the other signs of a scam on web? Read this article.

On behalf of all of you, I have asked a question about CURE. Keep checking this link, to see the answers from PROFESSORS- people who teach and train SLPs.

Lastly, TISA and myself, thank all the contributors and Dr JUDITH KUSTER especially, for her untiring efforts to serve the stuttering community through ISAD, year after year..

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    (October 4, 2012 - 10:57 am)

    Its such a great platform to talk to others who stammer or who care for people who stammer. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT

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