And I do not know how to use Skype!!!!

I have come across many people who does not not know how to use Skype. As all of you know many PWS  from different parts of world have Skype call daily 9PM-11PM IST. I understand that there are many non technical PWS and they may have difficulty in using Skype so I will be briefing here how to use  Skype for audio calls.

1) Installing Skype –

(a) On Windows and Mac — Just download the installer from these links, double click on installer and install Skype  (For Windows) (For Mac)

(b) On Linux — If you are on Debian based system like Ubuntu, simply run

               “sudo apt-get install skype”

 in terminal and it will be installed in your system. If you are using any other distribution just email me with your Linux distribution name and I will guide you with steps to install Skype.

2) Login in to Skype– Open Skype. If you do not have user name in Skype, first register for user name and then login. If you already have user name just type in user name and password and login to Skype.

3) Starting Skype calls–  Just add  aishkarthik and rajesh.jaca2 in your contact list and they will  invite you in conference call when conference call will start. Most probably it starts from 9PM IST.

Thank you and happy Skype calling. Please mail me at abhinav.singh8 at if you need more assistance in setting up Skype.

PS. I’m on Linux and user interface of Skype in Linux is different from Windows so If I will provide screen shots for steps 2 and 3, it will not help much as I guess most of our non technical users use Windows. So If any one of you guys can provide me screen shots of  Skype on Windows for steps 2 and 3, I will add in my blog post.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “And I do not know how to use Skype!!!!


    (October 8, 2012 - 2:10 am)

    Thanks Abhinav! I am one of those non-technical guys! First time when I did a test call and heard my own recorded message- Oh, I was so impressed with myself!!
    Technology has really helped us PWS, may be much more than any speech therapy- IMHO… By bringing us in contact with each other across huge distances etc..


    (October 8, 2012 - 2:59 am)

    Cho Chweet of you Abhinav to have posted these details!!! 🙂 These are very important and often left out. Thank you.

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