News of Hyderabad SHG meetup on Oct 7

Suuuuuuuuuperb  🙂 Today’s SHG meeting is also awesome once again !
Below are the people who attended today’s meeting .Top row: 1.Anshul Majoka(NEW) 2.Subbhani(NEW) Bottom row: 3.Anish 4.Mahipal 5.Lakshman 6.Rajesh.

We have two new people added to our group 🙂
Today’s SHG meeting was concentrated on how to alter automatic thoughts in our lifestyle.
Every member have got a chance to lead the group in one activity at least. They realized their leadership skills.
Introduction of Automatic thoughts.
If a PWS is asked to talk in any instant in life, his first activity in brain could be can i talk, will i be able to talk, will i stammer, will they laugh etc..
So these thoughts are automatic thoughts which happen without analyzing and they exist just because of past experiences and are written in subconscious mind. They are automatic, they just trigger at instant.. On the other hand we have a person who is not conscious of stammering i.e (everyone in world stammers) and if he is asked to talk then he will usually concentrate on what content to be delivered and in what language and in what kind of words. So we have to change from that earlier thinking process to this above mentioned thinking process.
So today in our meeting we worked out on a brain algorithm to alter our automatic thoughts process.
For this we closed eyes, we talked about an algo. Algorithm which we charted mentally is below.
When we are asked to talk or when we thought to talk, we started thinking what content must be delivered and in what language. Next we have checked is there sufficient amount of air in our lungs, if yes then start talking confidently, if no then inhale and start talking.
Other process which we concentrated is to take a proper feedback from ears on what ever we talk.
So thats at we are done with our new algorithm approach. Through out this algo we even had a thought that if you have sufficient amount of air then stammering probability is zero. Initially it may be silly but when we repeat this then it becomes automatic thought/activity and you will surely enjoy the bliss of it 🙂

Activity – 1 : As we have new people again we discussed about intro of stammering and probable causes of stammering.

Activity – 2: Explanation of Algorithm.

Activity – 3: Introduction round where everyone closed eyes and followed the alog and gave their intro.
All were comfortable in this activity.

Activity – 4:(Mahipal lead this activity) Loud shouting activity in park. Eveyone stood in a line with 3 meters apart. Mahipal will ask a question by shouting and everyone will answer it one after other in a loud manner. I also shouted and marketed about TISA saying about TISA and asked to join/tell other about it.

Activity – 5: (Lakshman lead this activity) Members are asked to repeat their phone numbers, names etc. in reverse order. Pronouncing names in reverse order was great fun 😉

Activity – 6: (Anish lead this activity) Every member is asked to talk on their greatest moments in life. Everyone have so much to say. We enjoyed this activity a lot.

Activity – 7: (Subhani lead this activity) We have to give our intro again by following syllable by syllable style. He is new to our group and he felt happy spending his time with us it seems.

Activity – 8: (Anshul lead this activity) Every member is asked to do some kind of extempore activity like singing a song, imagine if he were a security guard at park and asked to talk how a typical day would be in park etc…

Finally i asked a girl among a group of girls who were observing our meeting very closely to take a picture of our members in my cell phone 🙂 I saw their intention of knowing what we are doing here in the park so i asked her intentionally to take a pic so that i can explain them what TISA is all about and what we do in meetings and also conveyed them that if they find any PWS they can contact me ! With this we have end our meeting ! Everyone in group are inspiring.

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed !
Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Awesome Rajesh gaaru,
    New algorithm wow 🙂
    Yeah we PWS have too much to say, every PWS has his own book of life to share. Its high time for us to develop ability of focusing on how to deliver thoughts in clear and effective way instead of thinking about stammering.

    Go on Hyd SHG..

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Rajesh- I am sure the girl who took the picture will be talking non-stop about what she saw for next seven days! That was a brilliant idea of involving on-lookers and introducing them to the whole concept of self-help groups..
    Congrats to all of you..

  3. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Fantastic Rajesh and Hyderabad group.. Rajesh, defintely you have deciphered a lot about stammering and helping yourself and the group. Carry-on, let more people click you!! 🙂

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @Abhinav BRO- Thank you, yes well said thinking is very essence of communication !

    @Sachin ji – Thank you, Yeah those girls will just talk abt what they saw in park. Loud shouting activity which we did made them focus what we are doing.

    @Dinesh Bro – Thank you, Yeah helping others in an SHG is helping ourselves. I bullet two leaches 🙂



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