Do we endorse Therapist A or B?

Some members have raised an important
question: Does TISA promote or endorse a particular Therapist or a Therapy? Do we endorse the
therapists who attend our events? Do we endorse therapist A more than therapist
B? With due respect to all the therapists and their therapeutic approaches, our
answer is NO! We don’t endorse any therapist or therapy or gadgets (like DAF) nor do we promote them. That is simply not our MANDATE.
TISA promotes and endorses two things: Acceptance of people who stammer
and Self-help. These two themes are our founding principles. Please check this page to understand why TISA was formed in the first place and what was the true purpose
behind it. Please help us promote these values, if you can..
BUT you have every right to go to any therapist
you want to, as long as you do not involve TISA directly or indirectly. Our clear
stand on this issue is formulated at our website at this page. Please check that out.

will continue to promote self (mutual) help, tried and tested modalities in
public domain like Vipassana and communication skills on our blog, website, get-togethers etc (for example, check how Vinod has been influenced by our latest NGT here).
TISA is your home where you are free to speak the way you want to and where no one will judge you based on your speech and other superficial differences; where you are accepted as you ARE. Feel free to write to us whatever you feel about this issue. But please read
the links mentioned above! And also the editorial policy of TISA blog!


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    have some more clarifications about TISA…thank you sir

  2. admin 7 years ago

    @Ashish – Bro, please mail to for more clarifications.


  3. Anonymous 7 years ago

    However, it has been found that and also raised by some members that Bangalore SHG is promoting "Landmark Education" and also few people whom I know are also forced to attend the course after the "Landmark" intro session at SHG.
    Kindly clarify on this… if this is not promoting or endorsing then what is it ??

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @Anonymous : Very rightly pointed out. We at TISA acknowledge our mistake. However we learned from it and CANCELLED the session by the same organization at NGT and promise not to have any kind of sessions by them in future.

    The surprising thing is that still no member from Banglore SHG wrote a review/feedback report on TISA blog about this incident. Would you like to do it ?

  5. Sachin 7 years ago

    Yes, TISA must learn, grow and move on..
    Keep sharing such feedback. It helps us..

  6. admin 7 years ago

    Hi all,
    I'm writing this comment to discuss about the negative vibe for Bangalore SHG.

    This is really serious issue. Differences in opinions must be sort out as soon as possible.

    I am the member of Bangalore SHG from last 8 months and I did not had any incident like forcing to adopt particular technique, go to that speech therapist etc. The whole point of SHG is benefiting from self help. We learn from experiences of everyone there and many of the Bangalore SHG members are live examples of 180 degrees transformation after attending SHG meetups.

    As per Landmark education. We welcome new ideas in Bangalore SHG. 2-3 members of Bangalore SHG have done the course already and they felt that it is useful course for changing the perspective of life so that we can look at other areas of life than stammering. I agree that people from Landmark education were forcing some of the members in Bangalore SHG to join the course but its you, who have to take final decision. We should learn to take our own decisions. I attended 3 landmark introduction sessions and there also volunteers were forcing me to register for the event. But final decision was mine only if I want to register or not.

    Dear Mr Anonymous, We are planning to have Speechcraft sessions in Bangalore SHG so that we can work on our communication when it comes to public speaking.Now you will say that we are promoting or endorsing "Toastmasters".Come on we are not puppet, We are adults and we can make decisions of what is wrong or right for us. Speechcraft sessions will not be forced on members, any one who think that it will be helpful fot them is free to join.

    Lastly I want to say that we welcome new ideas proposed by members of Bangalore SHG. We say that if possible give it a try and see if it is benefiting you, if it is benefeting you than adopt otherwise discard it.Same is true with Vipasana and Toastmasters.If you feel some thing is going wrong in Bangalore SHG please come forward and discuss it in one of the Bangalore SHG meetings 🙂


  7. admin 7 years ago

    Dear Anonymous,…
    I'm attending SHG from the day it Re-started in Bengaluru on Feb 11th, 2012. SHG thought me to understand more about stammering, which ultimately helped me to control my stammering. And i also learnt about the different aspects of life. Like, i didn't had Hobby of reading novels and other book. After attending SHG i understood the importance of Knowledge and i was inspired by one of the PWS and i read Swami Vivekanand BOOKS. Now, you may say that he/she endorsing Vivekanand Books (or forced me to read Vivekanand books). I only chose the new option.
    Coming to Landmark Education, 2-3 members had previously attended the Landmark education(LE), so they just shared their experience. Those 2-3 members never ever forced any of the SHG Bengaluru members to attend LE. Beside LE is not speech therapy program, it was kind of life-human science. I think i'm the youngest member of B'luru SHG(in age wise) and i genuinely believe that everyone in Bengaluru SHG are mature enough to understand their own needs and choose the program without the influence(force-fullness) of others. Its not like we are Kindergarten.
    I attended to LE, after the free intro session….. No one has ever forced me to do attend. And no one can… I went on my own will (Again i'm not endorsing LE, i'm just giving my point of view). I wanted to try new things in life, so i attended.

    Abhinav is exactly right… now you will also raise question on Speech craft issue.
    There is nothing wrong in trying out new things in a life,… but decision is on you and only on YOU – whether to accept or discard it. No one is forcing anybody in Bengaluru SHG memebrs in any of the matter.
    There is saying, First time comes only once in ur life…so enjoy the process….Then you can only decide whether to continue in same direction or change your direction.
    If you feel something is going wrong in B'luru SHG…. You are most welcome to have healthy discussion in Bengaluru SHG meeting. So that you can enlighten us by your Ideas towards SHG Bengaluru.

    Thank you

  8. admin 7 years ago

    @Joy brother,
    I got your concerns 🙂
    Well I am not going to attend Landmark. I do not need it.I learnt a lot from everyone in Coorg event. Experiences of Dr Sachin, Marimaran sir, Mr Tarak, Prof Mahapatra, Dinesh, JP are real booster

  9. admin 7 years ago

    @Abhinav : Yes Bro..they power boosted us with their spirit without making themselves look huge..or creating turbulences in our spirit..thats the way actual power works..effortless.:)

  10. admin 7 years ago

    @ Joy….
    As you said, force had 2 effect… Rising Up and falling down. Like that every Thing in this universe comes with positive and negative effects. Its an individual choice to make-how he wants to utilize both available force according to his requirement.For eg.. Equation E=Mc2 had two consequences after Einstein discovered it..some used it as Nuclear energy that can produce useful electrical power and some others used equation to make hazardous Atomic Bomb..
    Anyhoo Joy…..I think v r drifting away from the main focus point. Hence, i ll stop it.
    But i can understand ur concern…. Thanks..

  11. admin 7 years ago

    What i think TISA should carry on with their events and shg……!!This will help a lot…!!

  12. admin 7 years ago

    @Anonymous :

    My take is TISA in a do good mode saw the Intro session as another window to widen our horizon..TISA has acknowledeged our concerns and has reciprocated by diengaging with these kind of orgs .

  13. admin 7 years ago

    I also say "NO" to speech therapy.But We need to conduct lot of SHG, communication workshop, NC etc which will help more than anything else.

    We can also conduct a zonal meetings such as south zone, North zone etc so that meetings are frequent.

    After attending Coorg meeting, I learned one thing.Though some of the PWS who stammered badly at NC, they are always smiling and enjoying every moment. I also noticed some PWS with mild stammering, their faces looks grim most of the time.

    If we conduct such a meetings frequently, there is a good chance of changing PWS mind sets by merely watching others.


  14. admin 7 years ago

    i agree with mani maran sir that "We can also conduct a zonal meetings such as south zone, North zone etc so that meetings are frequent".

  15. Sachin 7 years ago

    Yes- I am planning some event (Communication workshop) in south- Banglore and Hyderabad..after consulting the local groups.


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