News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup on Oct 21

This week we didn’t have big agenda but we have done a SUPERB task which we kept on pending from weeks. The task of keeping a separate book for SHG meeting to track our objectives and conquer them.

We were 3 members for the meetup. (left to right in pic)
1.Srinivas 2.Rajesh 3.Subhani

1. Meditation
2. Interactive conversation among members and working out with Objective-Book.

Even though we take decisions in life, very few people implement it easily by keeping their best and i am sorry to say that i fall in that category who don’t implement tasks that easily even after taking decisions. So somehow i want to change this pattern, So decided to record decisions and track them in a book so that one day when we see the book it shall remind decisions and goals/ objectives and correct the way to achieve them. It is said that breaking down our behavior pattern into smaller steps, tracking them and working along those smaller ones will make our work easy in this process. So we thought we can apply it in our SHG meetings so we tried it in the SHG.

It is said that if we write down anything that will be recorded in subconscious mind easily, as you shall keep more concentration in writing anything( in comparison with saying anything )so our whole body acts on that single writing task and because we try to be creative in any writing we come around and so more involvement and impressive behavioral pattern comes out with this task and this impressive pattern will impress subconscious mind and it records in mind and becomes laws of our mind (automatic thoughts). After all, concentration and happiness is what makes subconscious mind impress and we did the same in writing our goals in this book.

We all members have taken few patterns linked to us in common like bad breathing patterns, irregular in  practicing meditation/ exercises etc,.

When it comes to breathing patterns, we observed all members stop breathing for a while when we are concentrating too much on few things like when we are thinking for a code/ logic at workspace, while we are busy in listening to interviewer’s question and suddenly answering it with no sufficient air in lungs. So we followed a question and answer format type approach in that book (like below.)
Are you running out of breath while you are in those situations?
Answer for this will be YES and just below to that we wrote in our own words that we shall follow good breathing patterns.
We also tried to answer what all we can do for it to be changed and so our minds were happy that we can achieve it so this impressed and happy felt activity records in subconscious mind and they will become rules for thoughts.
Few questions which we discussed in meeting are not all related to stammering.
Are you doing exercises/ meditation daily?
How much time are you working on your speech patterns ? Is it sufficient ?
How much time are you giving in a day to observe yourself life and right decision making ?

May be it looks little waste of time initially but these will make a real change in life and i can already see these changes in our life. Have you ever purchased books related to Goal Setting ! Those books will not be just textual reading but the writer will also ask us to write down on some notes in workbook pages at end or somewhere in same textbook to make us involve more into the task, All these will impress your way to achieve goals. As necessity is mother of invention so we are trying all things which are necessary to enjoy life and conquer everything which we feel we should. Pretty satisfied with this approach. May be in few days i don’t need to write down rather a thought for a decision will act more in us 🙂
It is said that writing down what all happened when you stammered in a particular situation and working on those things which worried you will help a lot ! In some people it could be fear of stammering, unwillingness to be in situation, feeling of hurt, feeling uncomfortable etc…

Its hard to remember but try to write down what were your feelings are, what are your thoughts and just paint your mind how it was. And after writing the whole scene read it and see and you will get a point or two which made you stammer and try to work on that point from here on and that will help you conquer your fears and i have been trying it from quiet sometime and it really works my dear friends !

You can apply anything here not only with stammering related. Unless you observe yourself correctly in problems posed by Life you can’t take a proper decision. All activities like meditation/ vippasana all help you in understanding you better so try which ever is working for you like vippasana/meditation/book approach to see a change in Life. See where you are and see where you want to be ! and then start working your way and you will achieve it with ease !

Have you ever saw that people can give better solution to other people’s problem but fail little when they solve theirs 🙂 When we hear to others problem we tend to see it in broader angle and we get good solutions for their problems. When we are in problems we tend to be in same position and we get not so good solutions. So come out and see a overall broader angle of it, analyze it more by observing it, for this observation / analyzing keeping this book and following this approach cold help i suppose.

Thanks for reading 🙂  Keep sharing ! Keep enjoying !
Together We Step Together We Succeed !

Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Yes Rajesh, true and genuine observation can lead to all the solutions. Do check out this very good book by Eckhart Tolle – stillness speaks .I personally have experienced that true observation doesn't come though mind and thoughts, but just being still and observe. And the right actions follow

  2. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Wonderful Idea!
    You guys rock! – Sugandh

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @JP Bro – Thanks for sharing this book, i shall be enjoying it by reading.


    @Sugandh Bro – Thank you, We miss you in meetings 🙂 We will rock but when you come we will become Rocket !!



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