Points of View

I came across many
interesting and valid view points in this last CommWS. Let us share
them for the wider benefit of our audience.
  1. “When you talk
    about Acceptance, I feel good. When you talk about techniques, my
    head begins to burst..”
    This coming from a young man, made me
    quite happy: he had realized the usefulness of acceptance in day to
    day life. Because, even if you become President of America, many
    things will go against your wish and you will have to accept them
    all the same (like Sandy!).

  2. “When techniques
    dont work all the time, why should I waste my time on them?”
    have been learning Karate for over ten years. I have practiced
    thousands of time thousands of techniques. In actual fight in Dozo I
    have used, not more than five, I guess (3 kinds of punch and may be
    two kinds of kicks – that’s all). But looking back, I feel all
    those hours of practice day after day has not gone waste. It has
    shaped my attitude (towards a physical fight), built up my aerobic
    stamina and has given me hours and hours of good physical fun.. Can
    we look at the “techniques” in the same manner? Not a life
    saver- but lot of fun?
  3. “Stammering is not
    a big thing. By thinking and talking about it, we make it big.”
    true. And if you are 100% convinced of that- both inside and
    outside, you may stop coming to a SHG, CommWS and visiting this
    blog. But till then, what harm is there in doing so? In fact, you
    benefit – by getting used to your own stammering and your
    reactions to it in a safe environment. And then, finally a day comes
    when you can really believe what you say- and go beyond.
  4. “Everything is fine
    here- but once I go back to my office or home, my problems will be
    I have been an avid mountaineer and trekker. Whenever I
    climb a ridge at 18000 feet, behold the untouched beauty of nature-
    mind would say the same: What is the point in climbing to 18000
    feet, when you have to go down to sea level, sooner or later? But I
    did not stop my solo treks- because those few hours in rarefied
    atmosphere was worth months of routine life at sea level. Many
    trekkers and other enthusiasts do exactly the same..
  5. “TISA is doing a
    wonderful job. Let us contribute Rs x and start a fund to sustain
    I demand MORE than that from everyone in TISA. Instead
    of money, give your time, your thoughts to people, who are in need.
    Whenever and wherever you serve a human being- not necessarily a
    stammerer- you have contributed to TISA richly. Dont teach a
    technique- just listen to a pws respectfully, patiently and
    sensitively. No amount of funds can generate the feeling of
    acceptance which you get when you have been heard by another human
    being. Can you do it?
  6. What have I learned?
    I have learned that even though our stammering may sound the same, it is
    generated by vary DIVERSE and complex factors. What works for A, may
    not work for B. What works for A now, may not work for him tomorrow.
    This is a very complex and RANDOM scenario. No algorithm is going to
    help us forecast anything about stammering meaningfully. Therefore, I will encourage
    EXPLORATION and sharing. Never give up hope – keep trying and keep
    sharing. And keep smiling.After all, life is much much more than a few stumbled words..

    I also learned another thing: PWS can laugh about their stammering. Difficult but not impossible. And once they start- it is difficult to stop them! Once they start laughing about this whole thing- they sound lighter, happier, transparent, easy to talk to. I assume that if they continue on this path, their iceberg will melt and the gains will be permanent.

I wish to thank all of you
who participated and made it such a rich and rewarding experience for me. 
(Pic above: Solo trek Sham valley, Laddakh; atop a pass )

Post Author: Sachin

2 thoughts on “Points of View


    (November 1, 2012 - 6:00 am)

    I agree,
    Sometimes fluency shaping techniques don't work, but It shape (conquering) attitude,
    built up aerobic stamina and fun
    it also slowly slowly increase our comfort Zone as PWS generally accept-"I don't stammer when I talk with x", TISA provides platform to increase our comfort Zone.


    (November 2, 2012 - 9:13 am)

    @Sachin ji- Awesome posting, every word in this post will change the mind of PWS.
    The questions of members and answers by you are like breaking an hurdle to come out of closed opportunities.
    All PWS shall read this post and strip off the myths and fears.


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