Bus ki Sawaari — Hyderabad SHGs Meetup News on 4th Nov

This weekend SHG was the best SHG meeting we had in Hyderabad till date.
We went on roads for practicing voluntary stuttering and we also visited to Golconda Fort (a historic place to visit in Hyderabad) on buses by taking ticket by our own 🙂

Today we had a new member named “Rahul”, he is doing his CA at age 19 🙂

The 5 members w.r.t below pic are 1)Santhosh 2)Mahipal 3)Rajesh 4)Rahul (new) 5)Srinivas(not in pic)

We had an hour of interactive talks among ourselves in park and new introductions.
We thought to face the world, enough of net practice so went for a world cup 🙂 and enjoyed a lot.

So we thought we shall do an exercise in today’s SHG so that in future we shall never be afraid of going to anywhere because of stammering. So we decided to go to some place by bus and that too asking ticket in bus by stammering style. We finally decided to go to Golconda fort and we did 3 times break journey to reach fort so that we get many chances to stammer at ease in bus while taking a ticket.We asked many strangers the bus number to reach Golconda even though we know the bus number 🙂

We were very much successful in stammering at ease, as we increased our practice in count we were converging with the ease in stammering. Every bus ticket-collector was surprised and what we observed is none have laughed at us while we stammered so this thought have made us realize the fact that no one laughs when we stammer now, at least probability is less.

When we are small children we are in a companionship of school friends who are kids so when we stammered we were laughed at our stammering but now we are in a companionship of elders so they know how to behave in society so none laughs rather they will hear to us in surprise 🙂 It is we who should have patience and courage to stammering at ease and we are happy that we did it with the help of SHG meeting.

So usually a PWS escapes from the instances in life where he needs to talk and this happens to him with a feeling that he would be laughed at his stammering which has happened in his past years when he was a child.
So when any PWS is asked to talk in public his first thoughts in his mind will be like would i able to talk, what if i stammer, what if all laugh at me. So to decrease his fears and to make him know that it is OK to stammer he should practice voluntary stuttering in public (may be in presence of SHG members where the group acts as a great wall of strength as well as supportive and encouraging).
So when he gets to know that the other people respond to him even after stammering in public, a sense of  self realization happens to him that it is OK if i stammer and none laughs at me and that too his work is being done (here a ticket collector giving a ticket to him). This will be a good experience with his stammering from now on. So this good experience will make him stronger to face his future endeavors with his stammering. So from now on at least he never avoids of talking rather he tries to face situation boldly as he knows that nothing bad happens and it is only we have thought more on stammering.It is just a small thing in life.

Try to stammer at Ease that will bring a Great Change in Life.
Remember as long as this earth is present no one will forget Newton, Einstein and Aristotle. They all stammered in Life and they are remembered and became famous of not being stammerers rather because of their achievements in their respective fields. They kept stammering aside and worked on Life patterns and goal oriented so they flourished in Life and remembered in Life for ever.
With stammering we can do many things. In fact every stammerer usually embraces confidence in his day to day life activities without knowing right from the day start till it ends. Here we have to realize the fact that the more we embraced confidence in facing this stammering the more stronger we might have become by now. So we are already strong enough the only thing is realize how strong you are in this World.

Practice this kind of activity in your SHGs and do let me know how you felt.  Keep sharing and experimenting !
Together We Step Up Together We Succeed (This is proved in our today’s SHG meeting)

Rajesh V.

Some more pics of Golconda Fort. The top peak has the King’s room in the first pic, we climbed very high and saw beautiful view of whole city form there. Nice experience to cherish !

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    (November 5, 2012 - 9:09 am)

    If Hyderabad goes in this speed, they are going to be the winner of TISA 2012 cup. Best of luck guys.

    can we have competition among SHG next year?


    (November 5, 2012 - 1:16 pm)

    Wooww. Wonderful attempt guys.
    I miss the Sunday SHG Meetings badly 🙂

    Kudos to Rajesh for leading from the Front (as always)


    (November 5, 2012 - 2:16 pm)

    Great Work Guys


    (November 9, 2012 - 8:45 am)

    @Manimaran ji, @Anonymous, @Amol – Thanks so much to all 🙂


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