On Pilgrimage..

Dear Friends, I am just back from a five day solo trek in the Himalayas: Hanumanchatti (near Yamunotry) to Dodital (near Uttarkashi). It was a beautiful experience. In solitude, I met my thoughts, got a glimpse of what life could be, unencumbered by what we call “daily necessities”.. and developed a great fondness for my bed, after sleeping on ground for those few nights.. (more pics)
Looked fear in the face, when I heard a wolf howl early in the morning, somewhere near Darwa ridge; appreciated Marian’s cooking whenever I made campfire to make my soup and ate “sattu”.. Thanked God for every day of my life.. Yes, it was like going on a pilgrimage to the Stillness within.
On return I found that many of you have been doing equally amazing stuff at your SHGs, in your day to day lives and JP has lit a TISA lamp in Hongkong..Congratulations everyone!
Just read this very uptodate article on stammering- Unfortunately, the writer makes no mention of self-help’s role in recovery for many of us. For 90% plus Indians self-help is the only option, whether you want it or not..therefore it should be mentioned in such “scholarly” articles, I think. Do read it, anyway.


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    @Sachin ji – you might have cherished nice memories in trekking.
    Thanks for sharing the link and its very informative and learned new things from the link.


  2. admin 7 years ago

    Wow.. the pictures are beautiful. To be in the mountains and spend some time with your own self must have been a refreshing experience. Wish we had Himalayas in Goa… Of course we do have some beautiful beaches… but not many of them have that peace and serenity.

  3. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Top of the world! Envy you!



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