Bangalore SHG November 11, 2012 report

Has anything we’ve done made our life better?
There was a moment, when I used to blame everything and everyone for all the pain and suffering and vile things that happened to me.Used to blame everybody. Blamed society, blamed God. I didn’t get no answers ‘cause I was asking the wrong questions’. You have to ask the right questions for getting the right anwsers and one of the right question can be “Has anything you’ve done made your life better?”
And this is dialogue from one of my favouriate movies “American History X“.We should ask right questions to get right answers for any aspects of life. Same is true with questions related to stammering.As Dr Sachin wrote in his last email “You are the architect of your destiny“.
Good evening every one,
Here is report of another awesome meetup in Bangalore.
Attendees- Chandan, Pramod, Thenna, Sairam, Jeetu and myself Abhinav

Today we had meeting in greeneries of Cubbon Park. Weather is little chilly in morning these days and everywhere celebrations of diwali are going on.As per plan Mr Vivek, reporter from “The Hindu” came to cover our meetup. We started with introduction of TISA, its objectives and some of the programes covered by media like “AIR program on Oct 25th” and national get together in Coorg. I wanted to make this session really interactive so rather than I telling every thing, we had a QnA between reporter and SHG members. It lasted for around 2 hours and we all shared our experiences with reporter. After that we went for round of cubbon park and talked in general like whats Diwali plans etc. 
Chandan is going to Pune for joining new job, so he will not be able to come from next Sunday in Bangalore SHG meetings (but he has promised to attend Pune SHG meetings when ever he will get time as he has working day on Sundays in his new job 🙂 ). So we all went to McDonalds to cherish happy moments with Chandan. @Chandan, we all will miss you bro, keep coming to SHG meeting when ever you are in Bangalore :). All the best for your new job.
Altogether a great meetup. Dinesh has come back to Bangalore after completing Vipasana course. He called me today evening and was really joyful as always. Thats all from Bangalore SHG this week. And yeah Happy Diwali to all of you. May this Diwali brings in lots of happiness for everyone :).
Comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve the activities in SHG meetings. Please mail me at abhinav.singh8 at yahoo dot com.
Thanks to all.

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Guys. I spoke to the Hindu reporter on phone and it seemed that he had already learned a lot about the issues from you guys..
    Great job! Congrats everyone!

  2. admin 7 years ago

    It will be great to see bangalore shg in The Hindu.
    Chandan You are welcome to pune shg


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