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When one pws meets the other, what do you think happens? When I met other pws, I noticed that we had similar experiences – difficulty during roll call, buying ticket in a bus etc..
This helped me to accept my feelings about these things: I realised that what was happening to me was not so abnormal after all.. It led, to what can be called as VALIDATION of my life and my experiences in my own eyes.
Accepting myself as a pws became easier afterwards. THIS is why we should reach out to others: Not to do good to others, but this is the only way to do good to yourself. (Because whatever you do to CURE yourself, makes you feel even more abnormal- and at war with yourself..).
Here is a real story, illustrating the same principle from USA. Very inspiring!

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Yes, reaching out to other PWS makes a HUGE difference.

    Demetric's story is no different. It's all about going out and doing something…


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