Mentioning the unmentionable!

How do you mention the unmentionable? Yes, how do you talk about stammering with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances? If you say: I stammer- some wisecrack is bound to respond: So, what do I do??

And you know well, that it has to be mentioned, because only AFTER that you will feel truly comfortable. So? Some corporate pws put coffee mugs on their table with an artistic statement: Everything I say is so important that I repeat it- sometime thrice! 

John Paskievich, maker of Unspeakable movie, put this epithet on the number plate of his car: “Stutter”. (or was it: Your friendly neighbourhood stutterer?). Vinit, in the picture above, has gone a step ahead: He has put TISA logo on his scooter!

Now, when the class wisecrack cracks: What is TISA, dude?
Vineet smiles and says: You dont know?? WOW, he doesn’t know what TISA is, man!
Anyway, it gives him a chance to talk not just about his stammering- but also what he is DOING about it.. His shirt has a line: When I was born, Devil said- Shit! Competition! I think, that tells you what kind of temperament you need to recover from stammering mindset!

I saw his scooter  with this neat logo today when he came to SHG meeting. We had seven people today- one from Mumbai, who is here for two weeks: Ravindra. His day started at 6 am today, with a jog in tea gardens! And one hour meditation afterwards.


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