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My name is Ravindra. I am from Mumbai. I work as an office-boy and plan to become a web-designer soon.  I am here in Herbertpur, since 17th Nov and intend to be here till 6th Dec. I am learning and practising good communication techniques here. If you are free for 10 minutes can you phone me, any time after 9 am, so that we can practice a little? I will be very grateful..
Ravindra (08057448192)


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  1. admin 8 years ago

    i will

  2. admin 8 years ago

    It was nice talking to you Ravindra… And your native is on the Goa-Maharashtra border. So, hope to meet you soon….. 🙂

  3. admin 8 years ago

    thank you harish – I felt very good after talking to u.

  4. admin 8 years ago

    one discussion is going on TISA yahoogroup about telephone SHG.
    My experience –
    SKYPE, GOOGLE + hangout or internet telephony these all required a laptop/smart phone, 3G data card with HIGH SPEED internet connection.
    all PWS can not have all things laptop/smart phone etc. but mobile, all most all PWS have.
    I am residing in rural area, 30km away from metro city, here NO service provider providing 3G facility. Even DATA card internet also very slow.
    So SKYPE, GOOGLE + hangout or internet telephony are not practically possible for me.
    For me TELEPHONE SHG is best option.It is not so much costly also.
    Now a days all mobile service providers offer MINUTE or SECONDS plan. i.e.

    DOCOMO – 600 Minutes @199/- for 30days
    VODAFON- 450 Minutes @199/- for 30days
    IDEA- 450 Minutes @196/- for 30days
    BSNL-400 minutes @135/- for 30days
    RELIANCE-216 Minutes@110/- for 30days
    AIRTEL- 300 Minutes@149/- for 25days

    So approximate 15minute per day we can talk either local or national call after spending just 200/- per months.

    I am using docomo plan and almost every alternate day I am able to save 20-25 minutes for Telephone SHG and calling any PWS during evening or morning walk.


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