Bangalore SHG Dec 09, 2012 report

This meeting(from 10:30-1:30pm) saw
13 people attend, including two newbies Anilesh and Anshuman. Other
regulars were Anandh, Dinesh, Kartik, Abhinav, Jitu, Sairam,
Chandrashekhar, Pravin, Hema, Kiran and Kishan. The key highlights
  • Structure laid out at 10:30
    itself to start off with reading practice for 1hr, so that
    those who come early do not waste time waiting for the rest. This
    involved reading aloud in front of the group, passages from the TISA
    This achieved dual purpose of understanding TISA content, and
    reading practice

  • Next 1hr(11:30-12:30) went in
    introductions, where we learnt interesting things. Kartik shared the
    experience of a PWS from Delhi who got a bank job(involving
    client interaction) after attending Skype calls, and also cited the
    example of a 70yr old Czech who attends these calls and
    shares experiences. We learnt from a PWS who manages a team of
    (involving daily meetings) and is active in his housing
    society affairs, both of which involving extensive communication. He
    was very fluent(except sometimes in his name!) which shows that
    necessity is the mother of invention, and that practice makes a
    person perfect.
    There was an example
  • Next 40min went in a discussion
    on ‘how to build confidence’ where the group discussed factors
    that increase and reduce confidence. The consensus that emerged was
    that very few factors relate directly to fluency/speech
    itself, so blaming our lack of self confidence on stammering is
    not right
    , instead we should focus on things(like expert power,
    goals, self affirmation, healthy relationships etc) that make us
  • Last 20mins went in a group
    discussion on the topic ‘Do movies have negative effect on youth’.
    People were divided into groups with each person given 1min to
    speak, and then after everyone had spoken atleast once, floor was
    thrown open to rebuttal. Passions flew high, and it was noticed that
    in the excitement to speak, some people become less fluent. Hence,
    the importance of remaining calm and collected was apparent.
The meeting concluded, with Dinesh
requesting everyone to get their copies of TISA SHG manual to the
future meetings
Written by-Anandh

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thank you Anandh, Abhinav and Dinesh and all the participants..
    Have you thought of making a small video of your SHG session and put it up on the Youtube- since many people genuinely wonder about what can a group of pws do sunday after sunday?!!
    Be creative! and challenge yourself!

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Yes Sachin ji, We will record video of SHG session soon and will upload on Youtube.


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