proud to be a stammerer

This is Ravindra Sonsurkar, I m back to my home town. some days before I called to customer care and I said about my stammering, he said to me pls dont say like that becoz he was getting emotional. Next day I went to the saraswat bank. I wanna account number of my father. I asked to her with bouncing technique. she gave me acct no. then i said to her about my stammering problem. I am just following the technique.She just smile and said its ok. She totally understand what i said to her. I am really thankful to Sachin Sir. Because of Sachin sir this all things are happening. Sir tommorow I am going to join the course of Graphic Designing. 

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Ravindra!
    Courage is the original and best technique.. And we all have it. It is just a question of using it. I am happy for you!
    Keep on talking to strangers..


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