Bangalore SHG December 16, 2012 meetup report

Hello everyone,
Here is report of another really good SHG meetup.

Attendees- Karthik, Thenna, Nishil, Kiran, Sairam, Dinesh, Subodh, Vivek and myself Abhinav

We started with slow reading. Each member participated in slow reading for 10 minutes. We read topics from “Apna Hath Jagannath” manual. After slow reading round we had activity in which 3-4 members volunteered for the role of teacher and taught one English story “Appointment with Love”. This activity was really good and every one enjoyed the story. After story was finished we had questions answers round about story.

Next we had introduction cum discussion round. Today there were two new members Subodh and Vivek. We had very good discussion on topics like Vipassana, stammering causes, improvements in overall personality after joining SHG etc.

Overall really good meetup, we enjoyed a lot. We are planning to have short play next Sunday. Nishil is going to Chennai for attending Vipassana course this week and we are planning to have small party on new year eve. Thats all from Bangalore SHG for this week. See you guys next week.
PWS who want to participate in coming Hyderabad communication workshop, please follow this link
Comments and suggestions are always welcome to improve quality of meetup. Please mail me at abhinav.singh8 at yahoo dot com. 

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Staging a play is a great idea..
    I remember sometime back, friends in Goa did a play based on auction of cricket teams under IPL league, If I remember correctly.. Then later on, we did the same play in a Communication workshop in Delhi.
    It is important to make people go through the script, their dialogues etc. before hand – but once the play begins, let people have the freedom to make mistakes and improvise..
    Nothing like a play to develop good communication..

  2. Anandh Sundar 7 years ago

    Nice writeup..wish I could have attended it but a Coorg trip came in the way. See you all next week.


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