Delhi SHG Report of 16 Dec at Rajiv Chowk

                      “Happiness can exist only in acceptance ” 

                Hello Every-One once again, Wth the little Cold and little Sunny day we started our Delhi  SHG  Meeting on  Rajiv Chowk at Central Park at 11 am. we were 9 member there for the meeting(Sikander sir, Nitin sir, Nitesh  Ashish, Abhishek, Prabhat, Shreyasi, Aniruddha and me).  

               So we started our Meeting with our as-usual Introduction Round but before started this round, we discussed about TISA because on that day one new man also joined his name is Nitesh Kumar, he is doing his MTech From IIT delhi, and two cuty kids had also joined our SHG,  so after discussing this we started introduction round so each one finished this round after that we did reading round in which we told firstly all the rules like slow rate of speech, voilountry stuttering, Bouncing Technique, Pausing technique and Sikander sir discussed positivity and relaxation related thing. Because sometime we make our mindset that we can’t do this thing and this mindset always make us negative so little by little we can improve our speech its not that you can overcome your problem within a second or within a minute. It take time and Practice, which is really important in this Fight. so after this little discussion we started story telling round. Each one completed this round. 🙂 🙂  and after these three round we finished our Meeting. 

[Success is Never Ending and Failure will never final ]  by Robert Schuller

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