Just an extra pinch of courage at the moment of block!!!

From last few days, i am trying to be more and more open while stammering.

e.g. earlier, it used to be : i am a t…….textile e……engineer.

      Now, it sounds like : i am a t.t.t.t.extile e.e.e.ngineer.

Gradually, it is making my voice an lesser exhaustive process.

But, still a way to go………….anyways, thats another point.

But, i do have those hard alphabets and hard situations and those fear of forever blocks.

While trying to practice in outer world, i have come across one thing….that, the fear of FOREVER block in those difficult situations and on those difficult alphabets generally almost fulfills me with so much of fear that i just forget any speech technique at all and just try to complete my word just like the most modern riffle in the world.

This tendency makes the situation worse.

Now, by facing those situations more and more,what i realized is : if by any way, i can collect some courage at those fearful moments of blocks, and either bounce deliberately, i.e. m..m..m..m..mobile (not like mmmmmmobile) or prolong or take a brief pause, then i reveal that those blocks are not really permanent.

I can get out of those blocks in those fearful situations too.

Now, what i have to do is : practice more and more and to develop this cool and calm style of speaking in any situation.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

1 thought on “Just an extra pinch of courage at the moment of block!!!


    (December 25, 2012 - 3:08 am)

    what you describe here appears to be a situation where learning "block correction techniques" might help.. These are available for free on internet.. But if you need, I will be happy to share with you whatever I know about these, when you phone next..
    You are on the right path..(This SELF is to be achieved thru self effort..)

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