Apna Hath Jagannath, written by Dr Satyendra Srivastava, aka Sachin is a book targeted towards
people who stammer (PWS). Having said that, I personally feel that this book can be used by one
and all for a much more richer and wholesome life. The chapters towards the end like ‘Watching
your Thoughts’, ‘Values and Beliefs’ etc especially can and will be helpful for one and all.

The book is a self-help manual for PWSs. This self help manual is an amalgam of various
authentic sources and from the authors own experience in overcoming stammering and
conducting numerous workshops and self help activities. Overcoming any complex problem
requires the knowledge of a well laid “plan of execution”. This self-help manual fulfils such a
need. The provision to explore the ideas stated here on the internet only adds to the wholeness
of the book.

Concise and playfully written, the central idea of the book revolves around overcoming ones
stammering by not just acceptance and speech therapy techniques but “healing” oneself on
a much more deeply level. This aspect seems to the extrapolated idea of the author when
compared to other self-help manuals for PWSs. The ideas of personality enrichment coupled
with overcoming stammering seems new in comparison to other manuals. I personally have
thoroughly enjoyed reading every line of this short manual and was blown overboard with
the chapter on Values and Beliefs. I came across the concept of Jo-Hari Window for the first
time, thanks to this manual and was simply thrilled. Thus, I personally feel that this manual is
something much more than just overcoming stammering but deals(successfully) with broader
ideas like “Inner Flowering” and “Transformation at the deepest Core of ones being”.

The only drawback as such can be pointed out to the book being concise to the point of being
(seemingly) inadequate in provision of knowledge. But then this is only a self-help manual,
which encourages one to seek Speech Therapy if available. This drawback is in itself a blessing,
for in today’s world of information bombardment one would rather prefer a slim and out-of –
the ordinary volume than a traditional and bulky volume!



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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks a lot, Kushal!
    I have enjoyed reading your review. You are right on the point..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    You are Welcome, O Cool Sage!! 🙂 (no offence meant)…(winking smile)

  3. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Super review Kushal – To the point!
    Review looks professional!


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