Summary of Day 1 of the Communication Workshop,Hyderabad: 29 Dec, 2012

Venue: Conference Hall, A Big IT company, Madhapur, Hyderabad.
Time: 9:30 am  – 6 pm 
Hello friends, today was a very productive day.
32 TISA friends assembled at the venue along with our Sachin.
The topics discussed during the day were:-

1- Silent eye contact for 30 sec (Time perception)
2- Brief introduction using bouncing technique.
3- Presentation and discussion on nature and causes of stammering.
4- Uses of Prolongation, Humming techniques,Active Listening in conversation.
5- Discussed uses of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
                                     6- Videos of Pakistan Stammering Association.
                                     7- Practiced above techniques.
                                        ( Thanks to Sugandh Rakha and Eeshan who were istrumental in getting this
                                         venue as well a tasty Birayani for lunch.)
                                     8- Discussed in detail about the necessity of “ACCEPTANCE”.
                                     9- Buddy Activity, importance of belly breathing in communication.
                                    10- Acts by Sugandh, Lalliah , Sundaresan
                                    11- The was concluded with a humorous stand up comedy act by Mr. Rajashekar.
                                         (Special thanks to Rajesh Vassey in making this workshop a reality.)


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  1. kiran kumar 6 years ago

    thanking sachin ji for this opportinity

  2. kiran kumar 6 years ago

    thanking sachin ji for this oppoturnity

  3. Raja 6 years ago

    Was very glad to see so many people joining the workshop and to realize how people really don't confirm with the stereotypical images of PWS being introverted and inhibited. I think any program/event/gathering which helps us be ourselves is worth its weight in gold.

  4. lashdinesh 6 years ago

    Glad to see the attendance. All thanks to Rajesh and his team. These 3 days will defintely will be life shaping for many of the participants.

  5. Anonymous 6 years ago

    the communication workshop is very much useful for the stammerers.

  6. admin 6 years ago

    Wishing the workshop all successes.
    Wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Stutter easy New Year.

  7. admin 6 years ago

    32 pws in a communication workshop!. Really great! I wish everyone a very happy new year.

  8. admin 6 years ago

    @Dinesh – Thank you Bro. Very soon looking forward for a workshop in Banglore city.


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