3rd Day in Communication Workshop,TISA Hyderabad Chapter

3rd Day Communication Workshop Details:
Venue: In a Gym 🙂 near to Madapur. Date: 31st Dec 2012.
Main Topic of the Day: Stammering at Ease…..And we did it finally 🙂

The activities are as follows:
1. Using different sound modulations:
All circled in one and started mimicking famous personalities like heroes, politicians etc..
This was fun at the same time no one knew that it is a sound/voice modulation  activity till last :). Thats the magic of Sachin ji 🙂
All enjoyed the vocal chords modulation.

2.We did voluntary stuttering with our left hand side person in circle, by looking into his eyes and with great dedication. Later we even used pausing, prolongation and humming technique.

3. We were made to see an video file where a person modulates his voice in many different ways.

4. Video Session: Everyone was asked to give a 3 minutes of speech before a video camera. The topic will be given on the instant. After that they were asked to talk to their friends on phone and even their conversation was recorded.

5. We went for lunch and there some members have did voluntary stammering before strangers.

6. Dr.Surya Prakash and his wife visited us at venue. They are social workers and he runs an open house in hyderabad( an NGO ) where he feeds 150-200 people per day freely. He inspired us with his talk, dance and song. He has given fruits to all our members.

7. We have viewed all our recorded videos and Sachin ji has drawn common aspects of secondary characteristics which were observable in our recorded videos.

8. We had discussion on secondary characteristics and how to decrease them in our speech.

9. We had taken a group photo and we hugged each other as it is time to say bye and wish Happy new Year.

The new year resolutions are “stammering at ease” as we stammer with 99% fear and 1% scientific problem. So stammer at ease and  control the stammering in your speech.

Our Experiences on Workshop:
 We have finally completed a 3 day intensive Communication Workshop coordinated by Dr.Sachin ji.
Its been an wonderful experience all the 3 days with a great learning and fun.
The activities like observing breath and getting conscious on breath in respiratory system has left a great change in our thoughts. That 45 minutes of meditation has made participants know their inner self.We have called many taken participants and took feedback and they said the experience was awesome.It helped them in seeing the stammering in a different angle.

Mr.Sugandh has a great idea on profiling the SHG members w.r.t stammering and rechecking them every week to seek a progress was an excellent step to be introduced in our SHG.
He has always been with us and guided us and made me learn few lessons and i guess it was a great way to learn them while implementing.
I thank Dr.Sachin ji and Raja Poladi ji  for spending their valuable time with us all these days and also would like to thank Mr.Sugandh Rakha who has helped us in getting venues for the workshop.
Special thanks to all the participants and making the workshop so cheerful.
I want to thank our Hyderabad SHG friends Mr.Sugandh and Mr.Lakshman for hosting Sachin ji and other members in these 3 days.
Thanks to Raja Poladi ji for coordinating us on first 2 days even though their family needs him.

Lessons from pre, in and post workshop times:
As we have many such workshops coming in by TISA, so it would be nice if we discuss what we lacked and what we excelled.
1. Having free venues made decrease the costing.(for first 2 days the venues were free)
2. We couldn’t find time in writing workshop DVDs on time but we managed to give it to participants.
3. Order food to venue to save time.(on 3rd day we wasted almost 2 hours for having lunch outside)
4. We accommodated people in a hostel (not a hotel) and some in friends flat which further decreased costing for non-locals.
5. Because we couldn’t assemble at early hours we missed yoga and meditation classes from Dr.Sachin ji which i was dreaming to learn. But still Sachin ji has helped us in 45 minutes walk through of breath which was most satisfied one and liberating.
6. Most of the working people couldn’t turn up on Monday.

Photos in Workshop (stay tuned being updated …. )

Rajesh V.
96 76 82 0007.


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Rajesh! Yes, it was most cost effective and cost efficient workshop! I am impressed! That profiling idea is good. Because only then, we get to know if and how much progress are we making over months..

  2. Anshul 7 years ago

    Thanks Tisa for conducting the workshop. My year would end, so nicely giving me such a good experience,changing my point of view on stammering, and giving me more better hope to be a hhmmmm…. GGGOOD STAMMERER…
    Again Thanks Tisa and Mr. Sachin…

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Sachin ji – Welcome and thanks.
    Yeah we will implement that profiling from this weekend SHG meetup itself.


  4. Anonymous 7 years ago

    hai all the three day work shop is good.we enjoyed a lot.Main thing in the work shop is interviewing strangers in the park.By doing this all my negative thoughts and feelings are liberated.today i implemented voluntary stuttering asking about address. But i do not noticed any reaction by the strangers who are elder, educated and matured but one boy laughed at me, but i ignored and made eye contact.It is a wonderful experience for me.

  5. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    A job very well done Rajesh. Keep it up.. expecting many more such initiatives from you.

  6. Sachin 7 years ago

    Dear Ramesh- you are on the right path- just keep on walking.. Soon, you will be free of all emotional and cognitive issues..
    And keep sharing.


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