Delhi SHG Report of 30th December 2012 at Rajiv Chowk

H H Hello everyone, Today last SHG held of 2012 at Central Park in Delhi. Some metro station was closed due to agitation, We faced travelling problem.  There were 7 member attended (Sikander Sir, Anshul Sir, Jitender, Tarif, Neha(new member), Prem(new member) & me(Ravi).  I got opportunity tell about TISA to new members . How TISA work for every stammers. Jitender & Sikander sir also tell about TISA. Then, Sikander Sir shared his experience about Braham Kumar(Meditation).  After listened his exp, We all inspired him.Then, We started today SHG 2 minutes silence with remember good things happened in life & think I am good speaker, I can speak fluently. This  is a good technique. Anshul Sir is today SHG meeting coordinator. Then, We introduced our self one by one.  Next activity was share experience of speech. Then, We all have done practice of Bouncing, Prolongation, Slow Speaking & etc. Then time was coming to over.
The End !!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continue….

Bye bye 2012, bye bye all Negative Thinking,  Hatred, Ego, Jealousy & miss understating which effects on our friendship, relationship & family. Welcome to 2013 with Lot of love, Happiness, Fun, Success & Positive thinking, stammering also 🙂

by: Ravi Prajapati

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  1. Sachin 6 years ago

    Well done Ravi and Vishal! Yes, willingness and open-ness are needed to move forward..
    Many thanks for sharing..


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