Pics @ TISA’s Communication Workshop , Hyderabad

Awesome Days were those, here are few cherishing moments in the workshop.
TISA Communication Workshop (Dec 29th – 31st,  2012)

Group Photo ( many are missing though !)

Dr.Sachin ji in Action (Captain of the Ship)
Friends @ Introduction round


Raja Poladi ji (Hyderabad TISA chapter founder  and facilitator)

Sugandh in Action (our co-organizer)

Dr.Surya Prakash and his wife Dr.Kameswari who runs an NGO named Open House (kothapeta, hyderabad )which gives food and clothes to 150-200 people everyday for free


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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Great pics. Good to see smiling faces.

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Sweet memories of a "warm" place..

  3. admin 7 years ago

    glad to see "happy (biological) family members"

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @Jasbir ji – Thank you 🙂

    @Sachin ji – Yeah very sweet memories. I shall upload videos sir. The wish balloon video is so good to see 🙂

    @Hemanth bro – Ya we are Happy Biological family.


  5. admin 7 years ago

    Hi Great Pics.
    Truly must have been a wonderful time.

    Rajesh…nice hairstyle bro!!

  6. admin 7 years ago

    @Kushal Bro – Thank you, Yeah we had wonderful time.
    I went to holy pilgrim place so gave my hair to God.



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