Few quotes of Swami Vivekanand, useful for PWS

World is celebrating 150th
birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand. Few quotes which are relevant to TISA as
well as PWS from his book-Practical Vedanda ( http://www.vivekananda.net/PDFBooks/PracticalVedanta.pdf
 ) :

Let a man go down as low as
possible; there must come a time when out of sheer desperation he will take an
upward curve and will learn to have faith in himself. But it is better for us
that we should know it from the very first. Why should we have all these bitter
experiences in order to gain faith in ourselves?
The ideal of faith in ourselves
is of the greatest help to us. Throughout the history of mankind, if any motive
power has been more potent than another in the lives of all great men and
women, it is that of faith in themselves. Born with the consciousness that they
were to be great, they became great. We can see that all the difference between
man and man is owing to the existence or non-existence of faith in himself.
Faith in ourselves will do everything.He is an atheist who does not believe in
himself. The old religions said that he was an atheist who did not believe in
God. The new religion says that he is the atheist who does not believe in
himself. He is the highest man who can say with truth, “I know all about
myself.” Do you know how much energy, how many powers, how many forces are
still lurking behind that frame of yours? What scientist has known all that is
in man? Millions of years have passed since man first came here, and yet but
one infinitesimal part of his powers has been manifested. Therefore, you must
not say that you are weak. How do you know what possibilities lie behind that
degradation on the surface? You know but little of that which is within you.
For behind you is the ocean of infinite power and blessedness.
“Fear is
death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness. All the negative
thoughts and ideas that are in this world have proceeded from this evil spirit
of fear. The moment you fear, you are nobody. It is fear that is the greatest
cause of misery in the world. It is fear that is the greatest of all
superstitions. It is fear that is the cause of our woes, and it is fearlessness
that brings heaven in a moment. And at the root of all fear is lack of clarity
of thought which in most cases comes from simply not knowing!

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Very relevant for us!
    Thanks Hemant..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing . Really he was a Great Man , inspiration n guide for millions

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing . Really he was a Great Man , inspiration n guide for millions

  4. admin 7 years ago

    nice post…..thanks for sharing

  5. admin 7 years ago

    Great post.Swami Vivekanada books are really inspirational for youths.


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