News @ Hyderabad SHG meetup(with Audio of whole Meetup)

We were 4 members for meetup.
Members w.r.t right side pic(left to right) are
1.Rajesh 2.Mahipal 3.Dnyeswar 4.Arun
I would like to appreciate Mr.Dnyeswar for attending today’s SHG meetup all the way from Nanded. I see a great dedication and commitment in him.
** I didn’t edit audio files so please ignore if you heard any mistakes 😉
The activities which we had in meeting are as follows :
1.Meditation (learnt from Dr.Sachin ji in our recent workshop)
2. Interactive round among members (like does genes play a role in stammering)
3. Feedback from every member on every member speech patterns.
4. Loud shouting activity.
5. Explanation on Bouncing, Voluntary Stuttering, Prolongation technique.
6. Video on Glossophobia.
7. Feedback on SHG meetups.
We have recorded today’s whole SHG meetup(only voice), You can click here for links

1.Meditation: I tried to recollect a little what Dr.Sachin ji has trained us in workshop i.e a walk through of breathing process.
The importance of this activity is to get awareness on breathing and also get awareness on vocal chords vibration so that you can get control on speech patterns.
Please go through voice recording for the walk through on breathing process.

2. Interactive round where we talked about many things from Charted Accounts concepts, genes role in stammering till acceptance. This round is to make all people involve actively in conversation and we went beyond stammering and we were practicing stammering at ease.

3.Feedback round where everyone gives a feedback on everyone’s speech. We understood that whatever we present as feedback must be taken as positive and not as negative. Whatever we discussed as improvements are not negatives but those are points on which members must work to make them more positive.

4.Loud shouting activity where we all stand in a line(4 meters apart from each other). 1st and last person communicate each other. The intention in this round is to gain confidence in our voice, freeing vocal chords by stretching our limits on loud shouting.

5.Since Mr.Arun is new to our TISA SHG meetings every member spoke on techniques to make him understand. Mr.Dnyeswar explained about Bouncing and Voluntary stuttering and Mr.Mahipal explained prolongation technique. I also explained a little.

6.Mr.Sugandh has presented a paper on Glossophobia on Saturday in a meetup so we saw that recorded video. It is worth seeing as it deals with speech. We got a new info seeing that. Please click here for the video and slide show.

7.Feedback from members on today’s SHG meetup.

We have bid bye to each other 🙂 Everyone is so awesome in group and inspiring 🙂

Together We Step Up Together We Succeed !!! Believe me !!!
Rajesh V


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Rajesh- the sound track was great! Memorise and internalise the state of mind in which you were saying those words. Revert back to THIS state of mind, whenever you feel stressed while talking.. Emotions, breathing, speech- they all move together and can be RECREATED.
    Thanks for sharing all this media..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    @Sachin ji- Thank you so much 🙂
    I am very happy and calm whenever i am doing this.
    I am very thankful to you for introducing this activity in workshop.



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