News @ Hyderabad SHG Meetup on 20th Jan

The below are people who attended today’s meeting.

1.Rahul 2.Ramesh 3.Vallinayagam 4.Dnyeswar 5.Mahipal 6.Rajesh.

Activities @ meetup are:
1. Meditation
2.Introduction in slow speaking style.
3.Reading of AHJ manual in slow speaking style
4.Loud shouting.

Today we mostly concentrated on slow speaking style.
Before Meditation round everyone spoke about their views and importance of meditation. So that if we find necessity our implementation of slow speaking comes easily.
We understood that meditation is useful in following ways:

  • Calming our minds,
  • Makes us to concentrate on important thoughts leaving not so useful thoughts, 
  • Helps us in visualization activity of what we need/wanted,
  • Impresses Subconscious Mind and many more…..
We also visualized that we are talking very slowly in meditation..
In Introduction round everyone spoken very slowly and because we visualized our brain neuro programming has played a great role in slowing us at that moment. That programming further turns into action by brain.So  build an image of what you wanted and your brain will go according to that.
In slow reading round we used prolongation technique while reading AHJ Manual. We understood the importance of eye contact and active listening and observed our thought process.
In Loud shouting activity we shouted like hell 🙂 We stood in a line of 3 meters apart from each other and then first and last person communicate and after sometime we interchange them with another two and cycle continues.
Meetup went fine, We tried slow speaking and found good instant changes in all of us, so pledged to do visualization meditation and slow reading activities everyday. We even thought to send mails everyday to all of us so that we can check who is not doing any meditation activity/slow reading activity at home. It helps ourselves to hold on a word as well as helps other persons to start their activity if they haven’t.
Happy Weekdays !
Together We Step Up Together We Succeed !
Rajesh V
96 76 82 0007
rajesh.jaca “At”

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Good Going Rajesh.

  2. Ghulam Subhani 7 years ago

    Hi, Feels so nostalgic reading these posts. I just wish I could come back attend all those weekend meetings.
    Frankly speaking, Sometimes I just used to come for Rajesh, and not for practicing, that guy has a heart of gold. Missing him and everyone.
    My stuttering has gone from bad to worse probably because of my seclusion and being paranoid. I've started to stutter even when I'm alone.
    Ghulam Subhani

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Sunderesan Bro – Thank you 🙂
    Regards !

  4. admin 7 years ago

    @Ghulam Subhani Bro – I know that you will come out as a confident smiling face from your recent speech patterns.
    Everyone in life go in all points like best,worst,bad,good but point is how we are being in that state matters. I suggest you write down what is making you feel uncomfortable which is in turn making you stammer and spend time to find the reasons behind that uncomfortable situations and solve them, it shall make you strong and gets control on speech patterns.

    As you are in Saudi Arabia so please immediately join online SHGs either in Skype or Google Hangouts. For skype add the below 2 ids "rajesh.jaca2" and "aishkarthik"
    For Hangouts i will add you to the mailing list. I am sure that online SHGs will serve you with a great confidence.

    I am happy to see your comment that you used to come to meet me 🙂

    Mail me your skype id, i shall add you in skype conference.
    All The Best for your job searching.

    Regards !

  5. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Agree with you ghulam,perticularly that line "heart of gold ":-) Dnyaneshwar

  6. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Hi Rajesh.. my skype id is
    ghulam subhani
    well, coz of my fear i'm avoiding all possible opportunities to go outside n talk to strangers. like the 1st week i had this sudden burst of confidence and casual attitude, but strangely from the second week i started retracting in my shell and became conscious and apprehensive like before.
    just yesterday i'd gone to a stationery to ask for a greeting card, i couldn't say greeting so just asked for a "card' which he got confused and he took a whole lot of time to understand then he said , "why don't you say greeting cards"? it was very embarassing, made me feel dumb. many people think i don't know english at the airports, hospitals and such social places. very pathetic experiences.

  7. admin 7 years ago

    @Dnyaneshwar Bro – Thanks for your words and it makes me more oriented towards quality of our SHG meetups and my responsibilities.

    Regards !

  8. admin 7 years ago

    @Gulam Subhani Bro – Believe me the word "burst" of confidence will be changed to "Boost" of Confidence by our Skype Conference.
    Promise your time on practice and see the miracle, you will become less sensitive on your speech patterns and that allows you to concentrate more on communication rather than stammering.
    Even God will change his mind after seeing his people's commitment. Me or Karthik will add you today in skype conference exactly at 9:30PM IST.
    Regards !


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