Bangalore SHG meetup, Janurary 20 2013 report

It was a delightful day of Sunday when the meet of Bangalore’s SHG convened

It started with Mr. Dinesh Singh welcoming new join members (Arun, Kishore and Nayeem)of SHG. Then the seasoned members of SHG introduced themselves, sharing the experience they have had as a part of the SHG. The common point what each one made out was the effectiveness of long term practice and the difference the SHG has made to there lives.

Then it was the turn of newly joined members to introduce themselves and share their experiences of life. Then came in a fun game of sharing our names with an adjective attached with, which the person sitting next will have to do the same as well speak with his the name and the adjective of the previous person. The exercise ended up with people forgetting the names but remembering everyone with adjectives.

Then came the part of prepared speeches. The first speech of the day was delivered by Nishil. The topic of his speech was evolution of natural languages. I took up the responsibility of time keeper, Anshuman took up the responsibility of grammarian and Subodh took up the responsibility of taking note of filler words. Nishil delivered the speech with conviction and confidence. The content of speech was also captivating for members.

Then came in Subodh. He delivered speech on Johari window. Next was Chandan who delivered an ice-breaker with crisp and spice. Next the dice was opened up for a new member Mr. Arun from Hyedrabad who is also a CA. He delivered a informative speech on “Rules and options for setting up a new company”. Next it was Thena who had just returned after a completing the course of Vipassana. He gave a speech on his experiences and benefits that he observed in that course.Finally we had table topic session conducted by Abhinav.

All of the speakers did well and gradual improvement in quality of speech as well as confidence was observable from adoption of Toastmaster styled training. The meeting ended with Mr. Dinesh giving a thank-you note to everyone and mentioning that there will be a considerable improvement if you visit the SHG meetings regularly and practice regularly and make reduction in stammering a goal for next six months. The best role player award was bagged by me, Mr. Chandan got the award for best speaker(prepared speeched) and a new joiner Mr. Kishore was awarded as the best speaker(table topic). The meeting finally ended with all members feeling part of SHG family.    

Written by – Raunaq Sinha

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

4 thoughts on “Bangalore SHG meetup, Janurary 20 2013 report


    (January 23, 2013 - 11:53 am)

    Nice SHG meetup which truly shows good platform for SHG members. Nice going.
    Regards !


    (January 23, 2013 - 1:53 pm)

    Great and thanks! Just keep a balance between goal of "improved communication skill" and an open and stammer friendly atmosphere- where no one is under pressure to hide his / her stammering in order to appear "improved" and fluent. A round of voluntary stammering might help, especially towards the end of session. If I may emphasise- Voluntary stammering is a well respected tool under Stammering modification approach. It helps people to get over their deep seated FEARS..
    All the best. Carry on..


    (January 24, 2013 - 5:08 am)

    The beauty of SHG Meets is that we feel relaxed amongst co- stutters and are not under any pressure.This slowly and slowly eases our tensed speech muscles resulting in imporvement of speech.

    Keep meeting regularly.


    (January 24, 2013 - 1:05 pm)

    Good write-up Raunaq.
    Yes, confort level and a sense of belonging is very essential, without which any movement will not sustain for long.
    Thanks Sachin Sir and Jasbir Sir for being the guiding lights for all of us.. Thanks Rajesh for your appreciation.

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