Stammering & astrology

I read one article of astrology in news paper,
writer was HOD of astrology deptt in one university & well-known
astrologer, so many politicians, officers believes in his predictions. I know
him as our native place is same.
It was written in article-

पुष्य नक्षत्र सारे नक्षत्रो का राजा होता है और इस नक्षत्र मे जन्म लेने वालो को जीवन मे सारे ऐश्वर्य मिलते है | पुष्य नक्षत्र में सारे शुभ काम शुरु किये जा सकते हैं except marriage । गुरु- पुष्य और रवि-पुष्य योग का धार्मिक कामो मे बडा महत्व है । जो लोग पुष्य नक्षत्र मे जन्म लेते है उनको वाणी दोष (stammering,
misarticulation or dumbness)  होता है ।
(i can believe
on this as I born in same नक्षत्र)
वाणी दोष के उपचार के लिये गुरु (बृहस्पति) को प्रसन्न करना चाहिये और बृहस्पति के मंत्र ( ॐ वृं बृहस्पतये नमः) का जप करना चाहिये ।
After few days I met a person, who have some
supernatural power (he pacified goddess, who appears in dream and answer). I
requested him to ask any solution for stammering. Super natural power told me
to repeat same mantra (written in article) to pacifiy all stars responsible for
speech problem. I repeated this mantra 3 years wholeheartedly in the her
direction. Super-natural power predicted me a fix date for attaining fluency
and that date was postponed 3 times.and on every postponement, I was asked to
increase repetition . I did it expecting that one day some miracle will happen
and I will become fluent speaker. But nothing happened. At last super-natural
power told- “stammering can NOT be cured”.   But due to
repetition of mantra you have got very much positive energy and

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Thanks Hemant for sharing this insightful incident. I can see two things in your case. Your life began turning around when you put in efforts (Paurush). Also, faith may not help us in material ways but it does bring a subtle change in our life- So, both are fine and both can co-exist.. I mean one can work hard to help himself and still have faith in God..One does not need to become Atheist in order to bring forth his best efforts..
    Thank you for sharing true experiences..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Miracles do happen. But not by simply sitting and waiting for the D-Day but by working hard and following the techniques suggested by TISA. Stuttering is not Curable but certainly Manageable.God only helps those who helps themselves.

    Thanks Hemant for very good write up.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    one more article published on 24-3-13 in Punjab Kesari, related to speech problem & astrology


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