My journey as Bangalore SHG co-ordinator..

I remember that it was on Feb 11 2012, it was Saturday, I met Karthik and Sairam
in the Park for my very first SHG meet. There were only 3 of us. Then next week
only me and Karthik attended.

After that I dropped a mail to many old shg members of Bangalore and also called them.
We started having good strength in our meetings post that.

Most of the time, I was the first to reach the venue and last to go and also
the one who attended most SHGs! – by simple mathematics it would imply that I benefitted the most!! 🙂 

Co-ordinating the meetings during initial few months was very challenging. I used to trouble myself a lot about to how to proceed and how to make the meetings interesting and not to make it monotonous.
I was quite nervous and took lot of time to put things in order. I was content that at least  my Saturdays and Sundays were turning productive which otherwise would go in worrying and doing nothing!

I was very inspired and moved by the stories of my friends who came to SHG.
My attitude towards life shifted for good. I would like to thank each member of Bangalore SHG for this.

After co-ordinating for about 6 months, I could garner enough courage to join a 8 week
program called “Speech Craft” by a local toast master club. There was no looking back after this. 

Co-ordinating Coorg meeting was another highlight. I thought if we could arrange National get-together in Bangalore then it would be great self development opportunity for Bangalore SHG.
I spoke on the radio for the first time! This was the period where lot of firsts happened in my life and
in the life of my friends.

Tomorrow (Feb 11) would mark a year since I attended my first SHG and my life has changed by 360 degrees! 🙂
What did I do differently? Nothing. Just attended SHG! 🙂

Dear Friends, attend the SHGs regularly, this is a very powerful forum.
Those who attend frequently reap the benefits but how many attend regularly?
Why are we so casual about SHGs? Because its free?

For the first 6 months, whenever I had to travel, I used to travel in weekdays and
always be back on Sundays. Sundays was always for SHGs. I also was part of my Corporate
cricket team, I would forgo matches scheduled on Sundays!

SHG had been the turning point in my life and I also wish that it does the same for you!
For that, you have to give it a FAIR Chance! Are you game for it?

With love


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wonderful! Every word true. Stammering destroys our optimism and attitude- this is why, I guess, many pws dont take SHG meetings seriously, even though it is so effective and accessible..
    Anyway, I am sure things are changing slowly..
    Dinesh, this post has gone on "All time popular" list (right hand bottom)! Keep writing from Dil se..

  2. admin 7 years ago

    @Dinesh Bro – Nice to read this post.
    You always helped SHG meetings happen wonderful.

  3. admin 7 years ago

    I also experienced almost 90% what Dinesh has experienced. And I am the most benefited PWS in Chennai chapter. I am not doing anything for controlling / overcoming stammering except organizing monthly meetings.

  4. admin 7 years ago

    Totally agreed to u dinesh ji…i want to talk to u someday 🙂

  5. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Thank you Sachin Sir, Rajesh, Mani Sir and Anupinder.


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