Bangalore SHG report Feb24th

Hello everyone,

Here is the report of meet-up on 24th Feb 2013.

Attendees – Piyush Agarwal, Anshuman, Rohit, Chandan, Prabhir, Sairam,
Nayeem, Nishil, Avinish, Abhinav, Subodh, Praveen, Pramod and Dinesh.

We started at sharp 10:30 am. We started with the reading of sentences
where each member needs to read one line followed by another in a round robin

We had a couple of readings with medium ascent and then a couple of slow

It was observed that SHG members did not face any stuttering issues while
reading slowly.

We had discussed how the being a bit slow than usual can help us to
communicate better and clearer. We also analyzed on how these help us to
overcome breathing difficulties while speaking on difficult words.

 Then we had an interesting game where members were split in terms of 2
member group.

Each member was assigned a buddy and his task was to introduce his buddy.

The members in each group needs to know about each other by getting
complete information about childhood, education, hobbies, achievements and
their stammering problems. Then each member needs to introduce the other while
talking about all the topics discussed. The group which has done the best
received chocolates and we had a tie between the groups Subodh & Anshuman
and Abhinav & Pramod.

 Then we had the prepared speeches delivered by the following members.

Chandan – Money deposited in Banks.

Avinish – Motivation.

(Write-up by Nayeem)


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