The Magic of being an Onion !!

Magic for
me is an  illusion , an art of harmless deception , an art to be the “
Sutradhar ” of time and space and others perception of all the elements the magician puts together !!
     In my last post I had promised to
share few magic tricks  which I practice to offset my
stammering instances   . I  use many tricks and create my own stage and
tools to strengthen myself  ,and they have been effective to an large
extent , but the same
tricks may or may not be able to  create similar  illusions in the readers cases .
    Ok lets start …with Trick One  (More would
follow in not so specific order )
    On being asked your name in a group (Formal Meet) :
    You should have done your background work
already by coming  early and initiating talks with others
and telling them your name ,in fact you must have imprinted your name in
their minds
simply  by being a genuinely interesting character
and by doing so  , you would have passed the codes and imaginary
connection between you , your name and what you that every time they see
you , they can map you with your name and they can easily associate your
personality  with your name .   Trick : Be an Onion (Read
    Believe me others brains are not as well stacked with
intelligence and as many GB’s of RAM  as yours is  🙂  , so keep giving them continuous  signals on both conscious and
unconscious levels , keep stimulating their brains .
    Remember your only warhead to pass info about
your identity is your personality , because you cannot be offensive and drill
your ID into their psyche  , that would be rude 🙂
    Be an Onion : Once while coming back listening
to RD Burmans compositions in Raghav Sundar’s  jeep  from one of our
weekend rock climbing sessions  I asked him  , “ how can you be a
Mountaineer , A Para Glider  , A rock Climber , Knowledgeable about music
, a good golf and snooker player , a world traveler , a great cocktail maker , a fantastic
conversationalist , an avid reader , Multi Lingual (Speaks French) , a blogger
, be a good father , Husband  , doing supremely well professionally and
remaining an  inspiration to many and play all these roles together and
keep adding more angles to yourselves .   
   He paused for few seconds  and said .. “
Joy.. I am like an Onion , I cease to be one , if I do not continue to add
 layers to myself  ”
  (Raghav Sundar -A friend , who has been a major inspiration
in my life , and whom I look up to ,not just for his ever evolving multi
layered personality , but his ability to remains humble and good despite his
herculean achievements in life .)
   So..Now..being an Onion :)..minus the pungent sulphuric gases 🙂  is the key to having an engaging
personality .
 Now how would being an Onion actually help in this
situations  ?
You would feel good about yourselves and feel
more equipped .
Your multi layers and their collective
experiences would have subtly made you wiser over the time .
You would be able to engage and talk to others
about multiple topics and would be able to identify with others experiences .
People would notice you for your extra
achievements and personality  layers.
Your layer might be someone’s else’s layer too ,
and that means a connection becomes easier and organic  between two
The more connect you have it becomes more easier
for the brain to relate a persons trait with his ID ,in this case your  name.  
    Back to situation : On being asked your name in a group
(Formal Meet)
   Response Options
Normal :  If you are feeling that you would
be able to say your name smoothly..then go ahead…(The  conversation with
others have already put you at ease )
1 : Instead of saying your name : Wish everyone …this should buy you time and
gain the momentum to say your  name in the same flow .
 2 : Wish everyone , say something witty
..may be about the gathering..the day..the venue..and just when you have got
the flow..say your name..
: Stand up ..and impromptu ..start by naming others…” he is vikas…,,she
is Dimple….and then when you get the flow..say your name..this should make
people laugh..and make the atmosphere light..and then you get into the
flow..and say your name..
4 : Tell your neighbor that your memory is failing you ..and he must tell your name
instead..seems funny..but would buy you time to find your flow..
you can go on creating new ideas to work the time and space to work for you as tools.
   To develop
a perfect timing for humor to buy you time and flow is the trick..and you may
devise n number of situations …be the the Onion-keep adding
layers to your personality and most of all be the sutradhar !!!  
Juicy Joy

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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Wow- what a nice way to look at various coping mechanisms, which we develop over the years.. and perfectly valid too. I think SHG can be the perfect place for all these budding magicians, their apprentices, their magic wands and their chants: Khul ja sim sim..

    Joy- keep working your magic!

  2. admin 7 years ago

    @ Sachin : after reading your witty and warm comment i laughed so much that my office mates ended up walking up to my workstation with amusement in their faces..thank you Sir !!
    Truthfully..I wasn't actually expecting a good response to this technique i many would term this illusion i create..a form of escapism ..
    Your positive comment worked as a charm though !!


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