Dear Friends,
While reading an article on stuttering, the following paragraph got my attention.
“advocates for people who stutter say that the same people who accept a delay in a bus ride to load a disabled passenger are often less patient with those who struggle to speak clearly.”
After reading this I also realise that those people who are accepting delay for peoples’s disability such as a blind person crossing a road, accepting delays for handicapped persons activities,accepting delays of visibly challenging persons etc…. WHY THEY ARE NOT AT ALL ACCEPTING DELAYS due to stammering?.
Only we have to find out the answer.

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    "WHY THEY ARE NOT AT ALL ACCEPTING DELAYS due to stammering?."

    We as stutterers have to learn and have to be taught to Accept our speech error , and this acceptance generally does not come to us by i guess we should give normal speakers to slowly get used to and ACCEPT that PWS needs more time to get his/her thoughts across verbally..

    In the case of a blind ..their are visual his stick…dark glasses…eyes…which prepares the other as to how he should react to the disability. also over time we have known how to help them..but in our case..our stutter is often abrupt..and that i guess confuses the listener..and makes him go into a shock..and makes him unable to decide as to how he should help a PWS…

    Patience and knowledge is required on both the ends to come to a point where both PWS and Normal speaker comes to a common ground..

    It also becomes each individual PWS's responsibility to talk openly about stuttering and what a PWS expects from the general population ..and their would come a time when they become more tolerant towards a PWS's needs .

  2. admin 7 years ago

    Their are clearly three agents to address the problems of stuttering :

    1)Duty of PWS : Accept his/her problem ..

    2) To try out every proven valid techniques,to offset his stutter or minimize it by increasing the size of other aspects of his personality .

    3) Interact with the normal speaking society and talk more about this disability and guide them as how they should deal with a PWS .

  3. admin 7 years ago

    Good suggestions Dreamz. It is the responsibility of every pws to create awareness among public about what is exactly stammering is?.

  4. teja ul 6 years ago

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