Bangalore SHG March 03, 2013 meetup report

Hello everyone,
Here is the report of 1st meet up of March 2013.
Attendees – Piyush Agarwal, Rohit, Prabhir, Sairam, Nayeem, Nishil, Abhinav, Pramod, Jithu and Dinesh.
Activity – 1
We started with the discussion about some of the factors like physical activity which could control stuttering. We discussed the following benefits of having physical exercise daily
a) A person starts his day with confidence.
b) Makes a person fit adding some additional confidence levels.
c) Makes a person more attentive thereby increasing his focus in whichever activity he undertakes.
d) Improves the breathing ability which indirectly helps while talking without stuttering.
This was a very interactive activity where people voiced their opinions and various strategies which they have applied to counter stuttering while talking.
Activity – 2
The second activity for the day was about the body language and secondary symptoms of fear while talking. To make it quite special all the members sat in a round table group. Each member was asked to introduce himself while others observed his behavioral patterns.This activity was quite helpful as members discovered unconscious behavioral patterns within themselves which form the secondary symptoms of fear while addressing in public. At the end of the session we discussed about different ways to make sure the secondary symptoms are controlled to a minimum level.
Activity – 3
We had the prepared speeches in the toastmaster style where the following members delivered eloquent speeches
Prabhir – An informative speech about the Ozone layer and its role in balancing the life cycle of the Earth. The speech also focused on various layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and which harmful substances disrupt the chemical structure of Ozone layer.
Piyush – An interesting speech about the role of mobile phones in day to day activities. Quite contrary to the popular beliefs, this speech focused on the ultimate dependency of human beings in the tele-electronic devices which consumes around 30 – 50 % of their day to day life.The concluding aspect of the speech being decreasing the importance of phone usage and increasing the importance of in person communication.
Last but not the least we had a musical piano session by the very famous Lohit. He showcased his keyboard skills by playing the most popular film tunes.
Note: Missing the other folks, hope they join the session this Sunday  🙂

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  1. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    Wonderful report Nayeem. Thanks for volunteering. We are lucky to have enthusiastic people like you in the group!! Keep writing.

  2. Piyush 7 years ago

    Very niceee…..u covered everything in such minute details…:) 🙂 keep writing…


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