To let people enjoy your stuttering………

It is not easy man!!

Yesterday, i was having a night shift.Just when i get in the office, i was told to inform few operators/workers about their scheduled training session and make sure that all of them attend it..

It was a bit uncomfortable for me.Although i had the full 8 hours to inform those 7 workers and i could have done that in the last 1 hour of the duty also.But, as it was an uncomfortable task for me to face those workers who were surely going to welcome me with a taunting smile as if they are making fun of my speech.And, i was sure of having blocks in that situation because of their such behavior.

So, i was not able to concentrate on any other thing at all and decided to finish this task as soon as possible to relax for the rest of the duty hour and work properly.

So, i approached them with a false facial expression of confidence while i was quite frightened inside and was almost requesting them in my inner self not to laugh at me.

As they saw me approaching, few of them starts laughing.It was so cruel!!!

How they can be so rude and cruel.I wished that i can beat those who were laughing and shout at them that do you know guys what your momentarily laughs can do to my whole shift of 8 hours.

Do you know that how it felt when someone laugh at your disability??

Anyways, it was of no use at that  time because it was not so easy to explain all these things to them.

So anyhow, i finished that task with some blocks and they obviously laughed and i returned back to my office and finished my shift.

Sometimes, i feel that it is so strange that i am stammering since more than 15 years and still havnt accepted it and why still now people’s laugh hurt me………….


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  1. admin 6 years ago

    U r a Brave Man …..

  2. Vinay 6 years ago

    How can you be so sure that they were laughing on you because of ur stammering, while u wr approaching them.
    Many times, it happen that when we r speaking to a group, and few members laughs, we assume tht, they are laughing on us. It may not be true.

  3. Sachin 6 years ago

    Yes, Ashish- all that should become very very OLD news to you..
    And you should be excited about new things in your life. So, why has it not happened? Search after that and share with us..

  4. naved 6 years ago

    I dont know the key to success but key to failure is pleasing everyone

  5. admin 6 years ago

    Yes. I understand your feelings. It is a nightmare. But as Sachin told, you should explore new avenues and start enjoying life. Also I would suggest to call all the 7 people and explained to them about stammering and how you felt bad because of their bullying. They will definitely realise their mistake. Human beings are prone to make mistakes and they will correct it as soon as they realise the mistake they made.Be cheerful always.


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