My experience @ stammering cure centre,banglore (Run by mr.Partha bagchi)

It was way back in 2007, after visiting India speech therapy centre,jaipur for a number of times,my search of FLUENCY was going no where as my speech was not improving.

At that time, i decided to start a job only after getting considerable fluency in my speech, so i was frustrated that neither i am improving my speech as well as i am jobless too.My family as well as my friends, every one was upset with all this.

Anyways, one day, after discussing with one of my closest friend,i visited Stammering cure centre,banglore’s website and called Mr.Partha bagchi.

His encouraging words that he can surely improve my speech reinforce my belief that he can improve my speech in his ’14 days’ crash course.

I  just booked a train ticket under tatkal facility and reached his centre.

On the very 1st day, he brief me his techniques.Most of his techniques were known to me already, hence, my expectations started to seize.

With course of time, about 12 days passed there with very less improvement in my speech and my frustration was piling on.

Then on 13th day of the course, i myself developed a typical style of speaking where i was stopping whenever i tend to stammer and talk again from that word only.It worked really well.For the last 2 days of course there, i talked in that style and everyone including Mr.bagchi appreciated my improvement.

Now, after reading enough on internet and printed materials, i come to know that the technique that i developed at that time is CANCELLATION.I was not aware at that time that there is any such technique available to manage your stammer.

May be that my continuous work on my speech made me develop that SELF HELP technique for me.

So, my point here is that – it is not that any particular technique is going to help everyone equally.

And, we should not expect miracles in speech therapy centers.


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Yes, I read somewhere that "technique" is nothing but doing whatever you do with consciousness, awareness.. and THAT is so difficult to teach, especially if the young pws is bent upon getting "cured" and would listen to nothing else….
    Thanks for sharing your great insights..

  2. Anonymous 6 years ago

    Conversation started today
    Sahal Vora
    Sahal Vora
    Ashaq Hussain Baba, Sufiyan Vohra, Kung Pirie and 5 others are waiting for you on Tango!
    brothers, i want to tell u sum suggestion (i am a
    stammerer too) 1. Dont get hyper in any situation
    2. Act like you already know everything 3. Use
    sum words at the starting of the line like "yes, no,
    hmm, ok, yea yea" bcz this gives u time to take a
    fresh breath at the starting of conversation, and
    there is 90% chances that you would not
    stammered (for stammerer its important to start
    conversation without stammering .) After you will
    get a rhythm. 3. in between conversation you get
    any thought that now "now i will stammer at this
    word" that time pause ur self and start it again.
    4. most important think is that having faith in ur
    self and god. If you stammer once, dont mind ,
    again stammer dont mind. Keep trying with smile.
    5. Firstly accept that you are a stammerer "yes i
    am a stammer so what? Life does not stop yea
    sure" 6. Stammering occurs cz of unconstant
    breath so do breath deeply and pronounce hard
    word long 7. Talk partial. Dont try to say whole
    line at once 8. in crowd keep smiling and do
    funny thing. Make surround atmosphere warm
    with ur funniness. 9. Dont fear god is here 10.
    Avoiding ur self getting angry, be cool be
    bindaas. 11. If sumone teases you, give smile and
    let them teasing bcz it is worthless for you 12.
    Listening moody songs. Avoid sad songs which
    makes u -ve 13. Be +ve and think that "i can do
    anything " 14. Be stupid. Be crazy 15. Help
    everyone with smile and ask god for forgiveness
    (god really helps if you help sumone) 16. Dont
    consult any doctor or therapist. Its juz waste of
    time and money. 17. Only 1 person can cure ur
    stammering and that is YOU so be confident and
    be proud of ur self. Accept who you are. World is
    damn. Dont give them a fuck if they annoy you
    18. If you stammer in crowd dont affraid juz give
    big smile "oh god! Ok i try again :))))" 19. On
    phone, start speaking slow. Dont try to tell
    anything in hurry. Let go on conversation then tell
    what u want to tell 20. Be a hero of everyone
    heart . Dont try to tackle anyone. Let them go
    ahead. Accept ur self as a perfecty perfect person
    and yes you are 21. Stammering makes us cool
    and unique. If you annoyed by it than wait for
    right time and do right affords for it. Its slow
    progress to rid of it so have faith and keep
    smiling. I have sum more suggestions, U can add
    me on fb

  3. Rajesh V 6 years ago

    Hey i want to thank Sahal Vora for these wonderful tips..I feel very confident now so that i can help my 10 year old son who has stammering problem .. I have been browsing for these tips since long and your words are really encouraging and supporting..Thanks once again for sharing such wonderful thoughts…:-)


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