My Presentation on “Stammering” by Jagdish

Hello everyone,
              I am Jagdish, a member of the delhi chapter of TISA. I’m happy to write
my first blog post here. I am a pharmacy student in 4th year of college,
and have been attending shg meetings from last year.
I’m doing an internship at a company, and its almost over now. I had the
opportunity of giving a presentation to the scientists working there,
on any topic of my choice , so i grabbed the opportunity and decided to
present about stuttering,, and one other topic.
I dont know exactly why i chose to present on stuttering, as i would not
have imagined doing it in my college…. Maybe because the people were
understanding,,or were not my peers,,and wouldn’t judge me harshly

So, today i did gave the presentation, in which i included the
definition,,impact on children and adults who
,and of course about tisa. I had a
lot to say but i couldn’t really say all of the things i wanted to say,
because of nervousness i guess. I did not stutter or block much really,
but i noticed that i could not get or recall any ideas i had in mind,
even by looking at the slides.
 The reactions of the people, was great, not negative at all. They asked some questions too,  which i tried to answer.
Although, i was not happy with what i managed to say, but i’m really happy that i actually did it.

               I did not block much but while speaking , i could feel my mind going
blank and, dry throat and lips. Maybe these will go away with time, and
get better with more practice…..

            I think i did my teeny bit for promoting tisa atleast….:D  and spreading awareness about it….)
So thats what i wanted to share today…with you all,,and i’d like to wish you all good luck for everything in your lives..
Thank you,

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  1. admin 7 years ago

    Dear Jagdesh, You started breaking iceberg. being the 1st one, it will be like this only. If you give few more presentations,you will gain more confidence and courage. Face the fear is the only way. All the best and keep moving like this.

  2. Sachin 7 years ago

    Bravo- Jagdish. You have not done teeny bit- you have done a HUGE favor to TISA and also to yourself.. This is how TISA and all its members and friends can grow-
    Just keep talking and sharing.. All those feelings of confusion and not knowing what to say next- will go away if you keep on doing such presentations again and again..
    Next time, get a friend to do a video recording as well..Keep challenging yourself..

  3. vipul 7 years ago

    keep it up jagdish.congrats it's a courageous attempt.

  4. lashdinesh 7 years ago

    What an achievement Jagdish! Congratulations.
    Keep the presentations going in regular SHG meeting also! – Be it any topic.
    Let us focus on content and better communication, rest will follow.

  5. admin 7 years ago

    Well done Jagdish. Now that you have talked about stammering, you and your colleagues will be able to work better with each other. Keep posting you rexperiences about the internship and things that you are learning there. If you want to post directly send a mail to info[at]stammer[dot]in

  6. Vishal Gupta 7 years ago

    when i heard from him that he gave presentation its like.. Very Daring…. and WOW!!! and Jagdish u r in right path… just keep ur practice… and keep do these things… All d best…. 🙂 🙂

  7. admin 7 years ago

    g8t jagdish ,courage act,love to hear more about this,may be someday in delhi shg meeting

  8. Harshvir 7 years ago

    Very good Jagdish. Courage is what matters the most.

  9. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Where do all these meetings take place ?


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