Thoda Halka Karo!!

VENUE- Bengaluru, MADIWALA 10.30 -1.30 AM

It was a bright sunday morning in Bengaluru, and it wouldn’t have been complete without attending SHG Meeting.

The elite group members in the meeting included Sairam ,Abhinav ,Pramod ,Nayeem ,Chandan , Piyush, Jitu ,Rohit ,Pravin ,Akash ,Alok ,Arun ,Prabhir ,Mohit, Dinesh and me (Nishil).

We had a guest non PWS -Arun’s friend among us .
The meeting started at 10.30 AM

Rohit Mishra set the meet rolling by his singing of the poem Madhushala by Harivansh Rai Bachchan.
Though he hadn’t been to Madushala anytime, he lightened the atmosphere most of the time by his favorite punch line – “Thoda halka karo” which translates to “ease it a bit”!!

Nishil sharing his experience – visit to pondicherry.
Akash was the new member to join the party.

Introduction in robotic style.

Brainstorming on Different types of Breathing and Meditation exercises
            Art of Living

Sairam shared his personal routine of breathing exercises with an wonderful demo. Ease of controlled speaking and its positive effects was visible in each word he uttered.

7 minutes of complete silence to discover the restlessness of the wandering mind – Though Abhinav used this time to the fullest extent catching a quick nap. External/internal Silence leads to a calm mind which enables to realise/resolve issues.

Then we had a Discussion on whether speech therapy was necessary or not –

Members expressed their opinions for and against speech Therapy

Kudos to moderator of the discussion who kept the temperature of the room in check, when the  discussion got heated up. 🙂

 Fight or Flight – Tips,Tricks and close encounters. We got to know a few entertaining close call situations encountered by Nayeem, Pramod.

Conclusion on the meet regarding speech therapy –
There are many cases where speech therapy does not work even after regular practice and
there are equal number of cases where there is improvement in speech without following any technique!
And there are very few cases where speech therapy works..

Speech Therapy is just one aspect and is not complete in itself.
An alternative to therapy or things which can complement the therapy and make it more effective are
      – Acceptance,
      – Improvement in communication (Language skills) and by
      – Developing/Enhancing Knowledge (On work domain and sharings of others on Stammering)

When life seems tough and all you see is sorrow
always tell yourself.. Thoda Halka Karo.. 🙂
……… Written by – NISHIL

 Feedback and suggestions are always welcome to improve quality
of meetups. Please mail me at or to Abhinav Singh- 


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  1. Sachin 7 years ago

    Congrats Chandan!
    I think your group is doing very well.. very diverse ideas and activities..Great!

  2. admin 7 years ago

    perfect .mast post hai.. love way u describe whole activity

  3. admin 7 years ago

    @Sachin Sir, yes Sir indeed.. Each one of us in B'luru SHG has been assigned with certain roles and its going pretty well so far. Thank you sir for your support and feedback.

  4. Anonymous 7 years ago

    Totally agree with your conclusions about speech therapy..
    This industry has largely been running on hype, personal charisma, false claims.. never on evidence based practice.



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