Bangalore SHG April 14, 2013 meeting report

Hello All,
Here is report of another awesome meet up held under hut of beautiful Cubbon park


The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, 
But I have promises to keep, 
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep.

Attendees – Anshuman, Avnish, Anbu, Dinesh, Mayak, Nayeem and myself Abhinav

Bangalore is too hot these days so we spent around 10 minutes to find good shed for meeting and finally ended with finding good hut inside park :). Today number of PWS participated in meeting were very less as most of SHG members had gone to their native to celebrate ‘Ugadi’, famous festival of South India

We started with taking HR interview of Mayank (as he is searching job) and discussed about what he should say in HR interview regarding stammering. Few points which came up

1) We should tell interviewer that I stammer so please give me some time to complete my answer.

2) We should stammer with ease. Even if we are stammering while giving answers, we should maintain proper eye contact with interviewer.

Then we spent some time on discussing ‘As a PWS how to talk and approach to opposite gender’. Since in todays meeting all the bachelors were men so topic changed to how to talk to girls as PWS 🙂 . We got good tips from Dinesh, Anshuman and Anbu :). Avnish and Nayeem found this session really useful as they are searching bride for marriage in coming months 🙂

Then we discussed on how to live meaningful life. Most of the time we turn out to be bad planner. We do not manage time properly and then complain that we did not get time to pursue our hobby. All the performers are better time manager. Last Sunday at Aruna’s home we read this quote on her refrigerator 🙂

‘Work not done + excuses  = Work undone’

We modified this quote to little bit to suit our discussion

‘Work not done + excuses = ordinary life’

We ended our meeting with general talks about work and daily life. Overall good session. We enjoyed a lot. See you all next week. For month of April we will be meeting at Cubbon park only as place we used to rent is occupied with other activities.

Comments and feedback are always welcome in order to improve quality of meetup. Please contact me at abhinav.singh8 at

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    (April 15, 2013 - 3:08 am)

    Belated Ugadi greetings to all!


    (April 15, 2013 - 2:41 pm)

    Thakur keep it up!!

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